Hi friends! Sorry for my sudden absence from EGBG. Quite honestly, I’ve been distracted with life lately and I just haven’t been up to writing these days. I promise, this distraction is definitely a good thing and I’m hoping to share it with you early next month, but for now lets just say it’s keeping my mind preoccupied.

I’ve managed to keep up with all most of your posts despite the fact that I haven’t been commenting as regularly as I usually do, but as much as I love it, blogging writing, answering comments, blog reading and commenting, etc., has become somewhat overwhelming at the moment. My mind is elsewhere and that’s why I’ve needed to set EGBG on the back burner. I was putting a lot of pressure on myself in trying to keep up with the “real” world and the blog world; obviously the “real” world won that battle, BUT that doesn’t been EGBG will go silent forever. It just means that it’s going to be a bit more quiet than usual. I’ll likely pop in sporadically and post when I feel like it, instead of keeping my vigorous “I must post 5 days a week – no ifs, ands or buts” mentality. This will definitely help take the pressure off and allow me to focus on the many things that are going on in my real world right now.

I will continue to be active on social media and I’ve managed to check in on Twitter and Facebook over the past week or so. I even FINALLY managed to sign-up for Instagram! And, let me tell you, I’m kind of obsessed, which is certainly no surprise – I knew I would be! ;-) I’ve been having a blast posting pics and seeing what everyone else is up to! If you’re interested in following me, simply click HERE or click on the Instagram button to the right of this post!

With all that being said, that’s where I’ll end this post for now. Remember, you can always find me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or you can email me at eatgreatbegreat@yahoo.com. Certainly don’t be shy – I’d love to hear for you! As always, thanks for all your support and I’ll see ya when I see ya! ;-)

Have you ever needed a blogging break?
Are you totally obsessed with Instagram?
Do you sometimes find it difficult to juggle the real world and the blogging world?



My New Favorite Drink

Happy, happy Friday friends! The weather is going to be absolutely gorgeous this coming weekend and, as I mentioned yesterday, we’re going to see a ballet tomorrow. I couldn’t be more excited! :-)

To finish out the week though, I thought I’d talk about my new favorite drink…coconut water. Typically my go-to drink to hydrate during the day is simply water, sometimes water with a slice of lemon; however, lately I’ve needed to drink a lot more than I used too. I noticed that if I wasn’t drinking enough liquids during the day, I’d started to feel dizzy, light-head and a bit fuzzy. At a check-up, I talked to my doctor about it and he associated those issues with dehydration. He suggested I drink something with electrolytes instead of plain water, like Gatorade. I didn’t like the idea of drinking Gatorade because, firstly, I’m not a fan and secondly, I had no interest in drinking something that wasn’t natural, had added sugar, dyes, etc. So I asked my doctor about drinking coconut water instead and he thought that was a great idea.

That very same day I made a purchase and have been drinking a carton of coconut water a day. I’ve noticed that when I drink it, I definitely feel more hydrated and those symptoms of dehydration seem to disappear, so long as I make a point to drink plenty of fluids during the day. I’ve tried a number of different brands over the past few years, but Vita Coco Pure Coconut Water is by far my favorite.

Coconut Water
Over the years, I had always heard that coconut water had a number of great health benefits. In fact, I’m not sure where I heard this, but I was told (or read) that sometimes hospitals use coconut water in patients’ IVs because it restored those important electrolytes and is supposed to be so hydrating. So, based on this and my own experience, I decided to do a little research to find out, once and for all, the health benefits of coconut water. Take a look:

Pretty amazing, huh!?! Now, I’m not going to lie, if you’ve never tried coconut water before, it does have a different kind of taste. Honestly, I’m not really even quite sure how to describe it – it obviously has a coconut flavor, but it doesn’t necessarily taste like the actual coconut meat. It takes some time to get used and may not be for everyone, but I’ve come to enjoy the taste and find it to be refreshing and not only that, the health benefits are definitely worth it whether you like the taste or not.

Have you ever tried coconut water before?
What’s your favorite way to hydrate?
Any fun weekend plans?


Totally Random Bits of Info #14

Thanks to Amanda for hosting!

1. Justin surprised me with tickets to see a ballet! We’re going to see Sleeping Beauty this coming Saturday. It’ll be my first time seeing a ballet and I’m SO excited!

Ballet2. I’m in desperate, desperate need of a pedicure! Problem is…the nail salon I typically go to (although convenient), the past few times I’ve gone there, I walked out questioning their cleanliness and the nail polish fumes were out of control. I think it’s time to find a new place!

3. I came across THIS RECIPE for homemade orange honey body wash. It sounds divine and I can only imagine how good it smells – I have a feeling I’d want to eat it more than anything! ;-)

4. I finally purchasedThe Honest Life: Living Naturally and True to You” by Jessica Alba last week. I’m a little over half-way through, and so far I’m loving it! You can definitely expect a review in the near future!

Book cover5. I’m having a major craving for deviled eggs lately. My dad’s deviled eggs are my absolute favorite, so I requested some last weekend and he made me a batch. I’ve been eating them as a snack all week and they’re SO good!

6. Check out THIS POST for 31 Healthy and Portable High-Protein Snacks. I’m definitely loving some of these ideas!

7. These homemade Chocolate Peanut Butter Eggs would totally satisfy my sweet and salty craving!

8. I get a 15 minute break in the morning and in the afternoon, so I’ve been taken advantage of the nicer weather and doing some short walks. I find that getting out of the office for those breaks, getting some fresh air and movement really makes a difference in my overall mindset. It really helps wake me up and helps the work day move along just a little bit quicker, which is never a bad thing!

9. My favorite Easter candy of all time are Cadbury eggs! I also like the mini-egg version as well, but the crème eggs are by far the best! I have yet to get my Cadbury egg fix this Easter season, but you can bet I’ll be picking up a box at the grocery store sooner rather than later!


10. AND last but not least, it’s almost FRIDAY!!! Woohoo!!! My brother and some mutual friends are come over Friday evening for some fun and some pizza. We can’t wait to get together with everyone, so that’s definitely something we’re looking forward to!

Have you ever been to a ballet?
What’s your current food craving?

What’s your favorite Easter candy?


WIAW #39 – What’s in My Work Snack Drawer?

Hey there! I’m linking up with WIAW today (thanks to Jenn for hosting), and instead of talking about a full day of eats, sharing a new recipe or doing a recipe review, I wanted to do a slightly different take on the usual WIAW posts.

I thought it would be fun to give you a glimpse of what I keep in my snack drawer at work. I try my hardest to stay away from the office candy bowl and from the endless amounts of sweets that somehow make their way into the kitchen area of the office, which just so happens to be a few steps away from my cubicle. Granted, I do indulge once in a while, but I don’t like to make a habit of it, so to resolve that issue, I like to keep lots of healthy snacks with me at all times. I cleared out a desk drawer and have dedicated it as my healthy snack drawer.

So…What’s in My Work Snack Drawer?


I always have crackers in my drawer. I love smearing them with some peanut butter or laughing cow cheese or eating them with soup that I’ve brought for lunch.


I love munching on these as is – they’re so tasty on their own.

Rice CakesNUTS

I always like to have some type of nuts or trail mix with me. After lunchtime (around 3:00), when that afternoon slump hits, I’ll often combine some nuts with a piece of fruit to help pick me up and carry me over until dinner.


I’ve been making my own granola bars lately; however, I like to have a stash at work when I’m in a pinch. When I do buy some granola bars, though, I try to get ones that are organic with an ingredients list that is as clean as possible.

Nature's PromisePEANUT BUTTER

This is a must to put on crackers, toast, dates or just to eat by the spoonful when I’m having that PB craving!


I typically drink water during the day, but when my office is freezing or it’s wintertime, I enjoy a hot beverage, so I like to have a variety of teas in my drawer to warm me up.


I don’t like to go for refined sugar or artificial sweeteners to sweeten up my tea, oatmeal, plain Greek yogurt, etc., so I like to have some honey and NuStevia on hand when I want that added sweetness.

SweetenersSo, there you have it…a glimpse at my work snack drawer!

What’s in your work snack drawer?
What’s your favorite brand of granola bars?
Favorite natural sweetener(s)?



Sweet and Savory

Hey there friends! A little late for the party again, but I’m linking up with The Big Man’s World for Spill it, Sundays – the sweet and savory edition. Thanks to Arman for hosting!

The Big Man's World

1. What is your absolute favorite strictly ‘sweet’ food?

Oh gosh, this is such a hard question seeing as I have a major sweet tooth! It’s so hard to just pick one thing; however, I am crazy about brownies; hence my Pinterest board dedicated to bars/brownies! They’re SO tasty, so chocolaty and super versatile!

Fun fact, my family knows I love baking and anytime we have family gatherings, I always offer to bring something. Well more often than not, they ask me to bring a dessert and most of the time, they request brownies. Everyone loves them, especially my little cousins!

2. What is your absolute favorite strictly ‘savory’ food?

I feel like the answer to this question may be a bit predictable, but I LOVE pizza! I even wrote an entire post professing my love for pizza HERE! Ha! Oh, and I love anything else having something to do with carbs.

Gluten free pizza3. Best ‘Sweet and Savory’ combination?

Hmmm…definitely peanut butter and chocolate – love that salty/sweet combo! Hello Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups! ;-)

Reese's-PB-Cups-Wrapper-Small4. Worst ‘Sweet and Savory’ combination?

This is a tough one! So far, I have yet to come across and sweet and savory combination that I haven’t enjoyed. I think more often than not, the marrying of sweet and savory is a winning combination for me.

5. Favorite sweet recipe? Share a link of yours or one of your favorites!

Seeing as I’m a big brownie fan, I have to share my recipe for Pumpkin Swirl Brownies! Even thought it’s not pumpkin season anymore, I may be whipping up a batch of these in the near future! ;-)

Pumpkin Swirl Brownies16. Favorite savory recipe? Share a link of yours or one of your favorites!

Since I don’t have my own pizza recipe to share with you, I’ll share a recipe for a yummy comfort food – Eggplant Parmesan - perfect with a side salad and a biscuit!

Dinner7. The big question…which one wins. Sweet OR Savory?

If you haven’t already figured it out…SWEET!

Favorite sweet food?
Worst sweet and savory combo?
Sweet or savory?


Motivation Monday – BE Happy

Hi there friends! I had all intentions of getting up a post on Friday, but Thursday ended up being a busy day at work, I was feeling a bit under the weather and by the time I got home my brain was pretty much mush, so blog writing just didn’t happen. BUT, I’m feeling better today, and I think the perfect way to start of this week is with some positive motivation and inspiration! You can check out my last two Motivation Monday posts HERE and HERE.

Blogging Inspiration/Motivation

Why You Need More than One REST DAY via Cotter Crunch – Don’t let rest days scare you. Use them as a time to rejuvenate not only the body, but the mind.

“Clean Eating”- I’m Tired of Feeling Guilty via Clean Eating Veggie Girl – An honest post about not feeling bad or beating yourself up when your eats aren’t always the cleanest.

What does taking care of yourself mean? via Olive to Run – Life gets busy but we can’t do it all, so it’s important to take care of yourself without feeling guilty about some ME time.

Realizations via The Almond Eater – A great list of everyday life realizations to ponder.

30 Reasons to Be Happy Today via Move Nourish Believe – Let go of the negativity and embrace the positive; focus on the little things in life that make you happy.

The Power of Positive via Olives ‘n’ Wine – Some fabulous advice on embracing happiness and a positive attitude.

What’s inspiring you this week?
What makes you happy?
Link-up any inspirational posts/articles from the past week. I’d love to read them.


Totally Random Bits of Info #13

Today’s Totally Random Bits of Info is going to be SPRING themed today. Specifically, we’ll be talking about the 10 signs of springs arrival seeing as I’m just so darn excited that the nicer weather is here! As always, thanks to Amanda for hosting!

1. It’s raining…A LOT, but I’m not complaining because April showers bring May flowers!

2. The daffodils and some other flowers are starting to sprout!

daffodil3. I’ve pulled out of the depths of my closet my lighter weight, flowy tops and ankle pants and my opened toed heels!

4. I’ve been having cravings for lots of fruit lately!

Fruit Collage5. I hear the birds happily singing in the morning as I get ready for work!

6. There are some buds on the trees!

7. Taking walks outside is becoming more of a common occurrence, especially during my breaks at work!

Walk to the Park8. I’ve been enjoying cups of cool water with a slice of lemon as opposed to having hot tea!

9. I put up my Easter train on the mantle!

Easter Train10. I’ve put away my heavy winter coat and have FINALLY pulled out my lightweight jackets!

Any signs of spring in your area?
What has your weather been like?
Do your food cravings change as the weather gets warmer?


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