Memorial Day Highlights


Happy Wednesday!

I’m here today with a Memorial Day recap.

Our day started off with these amazing gluten free banana pancakes.  Justin was super skeptical of them at first, and wasn’t very happy about not having his typical breakfast (eggs, sausage and potatoes); however, once he started eating them, I could see his mood start to lighten up.  So naturally, I asked him what he thought?  He replied: “They’re better than I thought they were going to be.” Sigh!  Healthy doesn’t equal not tasty, right!?!

Anyway…back to the pancakes.  The recipe called for almond butter, which I didn’t have, so I used peanut butter instead. They still turned out awesome and were super simple to whip up!  I topped mine off with some Earth Balance and honey.  Yummy!  FYI…I had a few leftover pancakes, so yesterday I warmed them up in the microwave for about 20 seconds and ate them as a p.m. snack…so good!


The weather was beautiful, so after breakfast, Justin and I decided to go for a bike ride. This was my first bike ride of the season, and it was SO good to be back on my bike again!  Justin had a route planned out (although we took a few detours).  Luckily, we have some good biking roads near our house so we didn’t have to load the bikes in the car, which can be so annoying sometimes.

I love being outside on these gorgeous days and enjoying the picturesque scenery.

Bike Collage

You’d think that with all the cardio I do, riding a bike would be a breeze, but let me tell you…those hills kill me!  Ugh!  They’re so tough!  We ended up going 14.8 miles, which took us about 1 hour and 22 minutes (granted we did stop a few times for water breaks and to take a few pics).  My legs are still feeling sore today, but I definitely needed this long workout after eating all weekend! ;-)

After we got back from biking, I was in need of a refreshing drink, so I whipped this up in the blender…I basically just threw in whatever I had in the fridge…some fresh ginger, leftover fruit salad (pineapple, blueberries & strawberries), a carrot, some fresh mint leaves and water.  It was pretty tasty and definitely hit the spot.

Berry Drink

Then it was time to get ready for Russ and Crista to come over.  Guess what movie we were going to see…

Gatsby Collage

I really liked it!  It was totally different than the original.  The costumes were gorgeous!

After the movie, it was time to enjoy a relaxing evening, and I didn’t have to cook dinner either since we had so many leftovers from the weekend.  Yay!  I also finished my Kindle book How to Eat a Cupcake, which turned out to be pretty good!  Now the hard part…trying to figure out what to read next!

What did you do on Memorial Day?

Any suggestions on what book I should read next?

19 thoughts on “Memorial Day Highlights

  1. Those pancakes sound amazing!! PB and bananas are on of the best combos! I am sure that they are delicious with AB, too!

  2. Have you read “Behind the Kitchen Door”? It’s all about workers’ rights in the restaurant industry, and abuses within even white table clothed restaurants. It is extremely informative and I have been learning a lot just in reading the beginning!

    Those smoothies look delicious… send me one over? : )

  3. I love biking for exercise! I do about 40 minutes of biking a day around my campus. We only have baby hills, but they get your legs good and tired ;). Those pancakes look delish!

  4. I love how you stick to simple toppings on your pancakes. As much as I love things like almond butter and bananas, I’m definitely a maple syrup and butter girl when it comes to pancakes. And I love it when I can surprise people that healthy doesn’t have to be devoid of taste. I feel like people have the wrong idea when it comes to healthy foods and think it all looks like food fit for rabbit or birds. So totally not true. It’s just all about finding creative ways to use good food!

    • I’m definitely a simple topping kind of girl and I don’t use much of it on my pancakes either. I’ve always been that way.

      I couldn’t agree more! Sometimes I find when people here the words “gluten free,” “dairy free,” “vegan,” etc., they run the other way because they think it’s going to taste bad when it’s quite the opposite. I don’t know why this is because I think it can be so tasty!

  5. I watched The Great Gatsby last week too! I thought it was a visual treat, and that Leo was fab, but it didn’t have as much ‘depth’ for such a sad story… definitely worth a watch though! As for books, I’ve just started ‘Running Like a Girl’ (Alexandra Hemminsley) which is hilarious and a good read if you are at all interested in running/or considering ever possibly starting to run ;)

  6. I haven’t seen the old version yet, but I really liked the new Great Gatsby! The old one is on Netflix.. Maybe I should watch it this week! Interested to see what you pick to read next. I personally love realistic fiction, fantasy, dystopian— basically anything! :) Currently I’m reading a free book off of Amazon.

    • The old version is pretty different than the new one. I think it’s worth watching though. I love getting the free books off Amazon! I ended up downloading “The Bet” by Rachel Van Dyken. Hopefully, it’ll be good! :-)

  7. Please can we have the recipe for the pancakes? They look yummy!

  8. Holly – have you read Eat Cake: A Novel by Jeanne Ray. It’s fun summer reading for people who like to bake or eat cake. I’ll have to try How to eat a Cupcake! Who doesn’t like reading books about sweets?

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