Things I’m Loving Lately #1


Okay…one more day until Friday.  We can do it!

This was a fun one to do, and I think I’ll start  posting on favorite things more regularly.  My favs may range from food products, recipes, to beauty products, to books, etc….pretty much anything I’m loving lately (old and new).  It’ll be fun!

Today though, I’m going to start off with some foods products I’ve discovered (or rediscovered), and I want to share them with you.  So lets get started…

I’m totally loving the Enjoy Life Mini Chips.  I had heard of these for the longest time, but never bought them because they’re a bit on the pricey side… about a month ago, I took the plunge and bought a bag.  Well…lets just say I won’t be going back to those conventional chips again.  I’m especially loving the fact that these are dairy, nut and soy free (perfect for those of us with food allergies), and they don’t have any fillers or artificial flavors like the conventional chocolate chips may have.  I’m pretty much hooked on these, and use them for all my baking needs when chocolate chips are called for!

Enjoy Life Chips

Okay, these are a new find for me and I’m completely hooked on the Food for Life Brown Rice Tortillas.  I’m a big tortilla fan, but I was looking for a healthier, gluten free version and these fit the bill!  They taste great and are perfect for my egg and veggie wraps (FYI…you can find them in the freezer area of the natural/organic food section).  I just take them out of the freezer and warm them up in the microwave for about 20 seconds and they’re perfect and ready to go!


My mom was the one that discovered these.  They’re advertised as a salad topping but quite frankly, I prefer eating them as a snack.  It has sunflower seeds, pepitas, sesame sticks, dried cranberries and slivered almonds.   This stuff is addicting, so I limit my portion size because the calories can add up pretty quickly

Trail Mix CollageA few weekends ago, I had made some chicken in the crock pot and was looking for an easy side dish to go with our meal.  I had this sitting in my pantry for a while and figured it would be a perfect, easy side.  I had totally forgotten how could this stuff was (even Justin liked it).  Plus, it’s ridiculously easy to prepare…you just pop it in the microwave and 90 seconds later you have a delicious side.  Can’t get better than that!

Seeds of Change

Last but not least…a tried and true classic for me (and worthy of mention).  I use these oats for everything.  I use them for my Breakfast Cookie Dough Cereal, they go into my Easy Turkey Meatloaf, I use them for the Cocoa-Kissed Energy Bombs…I could keep going, but I’ll stop.  They’re just fantastic!


Well, that’s it for now, but tell me…what are you loving lately?

13 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving Lately #1

  1. I love mixes like that, it’s interesting they’re advertising them as a salad topper. I would just eat them straight out of the bag too, but I bet they’re good on salads! Huh, I’m going to have to try that!

  2. I really like that seeds of change quinoa mix for nights I don’t feel like cooking. It goes great with some simple baked chicken. I have also been loving fresh fruit, I know it’s not a product but its been so good right now!

  3. As a fellow allergy sufferer, I’m a huge fan of those chocolate chips. Actually, I’m a big fan of the whole Enjoy Life line. Have you tried their trail mixes? SO good. And their chewy bars are pretty tasty as well :) But things I’ve been loving lately… let’s see. Oats, jam, Candy Crush, kombucha, pastel nail polishes, fresh fruit, and green speckled bananas ;)

  4. I love these posts because I feel like I learn about new products and can relate to others I’ve tried already. I eat Food for Life English muffins every day, I love that company! I’ll have to check out the tortillas! And the Seeds of Change rice & quinoa is awesome, I buy it all of the time. Easy + healthy= perfect!! :)

  5. Hi Holly! I was so excited to discover your blog today. Your philosophy of “eat great, be great” is so true! The better you eat, the better life is :) I have been compiling a list of the things I’m loving lately for a post very similar to yours! Those Enjoy Life chips are in practically every vegan recipe. I’ve thought about buying them but have been turned away by the price tag. Now that I know they’re worth it, I’ll be sure to pick some up. One of the things I’m loving lately is Fit Popcorn. Have you heard of it? It’s deliciously addicting and only 40 calories per cup!

  6. Whoa, I would do some serious damage to that bag of salad fixin’s/snacks. And we are out of rolled oats which is a shame because I love oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, haha :) One thing Bob’s Red Mill thing I’m loving lately is chickpea flour- a little bit goes a long way and we’ve been making flatbread/pancake things in the cast iron skillet- plus some grilled or roasted veggies and a yogurt-tahini sauce. So good!

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