A Hungry Day


Do you ever get one of those day where you just want eat everything in sight and nothing satisfies your cravings?  Well…yesterday was one of those days for me (thank goodness it doesn’t happen that often)!  I ate breakfast, my belly rumbled — I had a snack, my belly rumbled — I had lunch, my belly rumbled…you get the picture?  Ugh!  It was kind of annoying to say the least.  Lets just say it took a lot of will power to prevent myself from gnawing my own arm off! ;-)


So, here are some tricks that I’ve found helps curb my insatiable appetite (at least sometimes!) on days like these:

1.  First and foremost…I stop looking for new food recipes online, which results in me wanting to eat my arm and my computer monitor on a hungry day!  Pinterest is the culprit of my perusing for new recipes these days…it’s just SO addicting!

2.  I drink lots (and lots) of water or tea to help fill me up.

Water Glass

3.  Sometimes I’m hungry purely out of bordom, so I take a walk, exercise, read a book or do anything (other than browse for recipes online!) to distract from my rumbling belly.

4.  In between my planned meals and regular a.m./p.m. snack, if I am desperate for more food, I try to make good choices about what I eat.  I stay away from the office candy bowl (as hard as that is sometimes) and make those additional snacks healthy choices.  I opt for fresh fruit/veggies, trail mix, a granola bar, raw almonds, energy bites to name a few.

healthy eating quotes{source}

At least for me, my hungry day only lasts for one day!  By the next day, I’m usually back to normal and happily satisfied with my usual meals/snacks.  And thank goodness for that! ;-)

What are your tricks to getting through hungry days?

33 thoughts on “A Hungry Day

  1. omg i know those days sooo well. recipe browsing and food network watching are the biggest no-no’s for me when i have those days. my method is similar to yours- i say “ok, i can eat a ginormous disgusting amount of food- but it has to be in fruit, turkey, veggies, that sort of thing. like, its going to happen- sometimes im going to eat enough for an army and theres nothing anyone can do about it, but if its healthy-ish and not in the form of chocolate, im usually able to bounce back quicker.

  2. I know what you mean, Holly. Distractions and drinking water/tea are good tips- and haha I do that browsing through recipes online thing too, which is somehow addicting and doesn’t help anything!

  3. I totally avoid browsing recipe blogs and website for that exact reason. It’s like, I wasn’t hungry before, but after looking at dozens of pictures of cookies…yikes! For me, distraction is a great aid. Also, I try to pack a big lunch for work, so I don’t go snooping around the break room ;)

  4. I try to focus on eating healthy snacks like fruit and nuts and like you said, drink lots of water and tea! I always wonder why I feel so hungry some days and less than hungry on other days. It’s a strange phenomenon!

  5. I have these days every now and again, and I find that a lot of it comes down to how well I slept. If I’m tired or I had a bad sleep, I’m usually a lot hungrier and specifically craving sugary/carby foods. On those days, I try to keep my snacks on the sensible side and make sure I’m well hydrated, but really.. not a lot helps :lol: Usually the only thing that does it is going to sleep for the night and waking up the next day. I guess it all balances out in the end.

  6. I get those days SO often! I hate it when you just ate and 5 minutes later the tummy starts rumbling. It’s like, seriously?! Again?!?

    And I agree 100% with not looking at Pinterest recipes. Those make me hungry even if I just ate a full meal!

  7. This usually happens to me on Sundays, when I am lying around the house doing nothing. I tell myself I’m hungry even after I just ate lunch or had a snack. I usually do the things that you suggested in the post but the best thing that works for me is water! I drink a glass when I am feeling the hunger to determine if I actually am hungry or not.

  8. I’ve been doing cross country in the morning and basketball in the afternoon for school, so I totally get you on the ‘being hungry all the time!’. I munch on a lot of fruit, granola, nuts, etc. I ended up on FoodGaker the other day and had to stop myself before I baked us out of house and home.

  9. I hate days like this! I have found that an intense workout helps curb my appetite… at least for a few hours. ;)

  10. You and me both, sista! I have been SO hungry lately but I’m contributing it to my increase in mileage. Either way, the husband knows to bring me a snack if I’m seeming cranky ;) Haha!

  11. One that always works for me is brushing my teeth or having a mint.

  12. Couldn’t agree more! I get sooo hungry sometimes and always find water is a great thing to chug so I don’t start binge eating cookies. I also always have veggies and hummus in the fridge, which is a great snack!

  13. I actually have those days a lot! If I’m looking at recipes on Pinterest I try to switch to the health & fitness sections and look at those pins instead. I also try to keep things like almonds or bananas in my desk drawers. I’ve found I’m always way hungrier on days I work out!

  14. I’m totally guilty of boredom eating. I find a distraction helps a ton. Reading, walking, good tv ;)

  15. I have a lot of these days, unfortunately. Today was one of them for me. I find that I should not watch tv at all on days where I am craving junk. Just one junk food commercial and I lose willpower. I agree with you. It is easier to manage when you stay busy because a lot of the time it is due to boredom. Reading can do the trick sometimes for me.

  16. I have days like that too girl, and it’s mostly attributed to my monthly visitor. lol. Drinking water to curb appetite is a great idea that I often forget. Great piece!

    New friend visiting from SITS :)

  17. Happens to me most of the time especially when my period is near. I’ve discovered that drinking water is a great way to curb cravings and I’ll will stick to it. Nice write up!

    Visiting from SITS

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