WIAW #12 – Vacation Eats


Oh thank goodness it’s Hump Day, which also means it’s WIAW…a fav part of the week for me to share my eats and be inspired by so many others.  As always, thanks to Jenn for hosting the link-up!

So, one of the great things about our Lake George vacation was the food!!!  We lucked out in that almost every meal we had turned out pretty darn delicious.  I tried to make smart choices when ordering my food and didn’t want to go too crazy with the unhealthy stuff.  I think I did pretty well…for the most part! ;-) Here are some highlights…


 Mushrooms, spinach, tomato, scrambled egg whites and cheddar cheese wrapped in a whole wheat wrap with a side of fresh fruit (and Justin got some pancakes). 

Breakfast WrapOf course I had to have my oatmeal, which was topped with walnuts, caramelized apples and drizzled with honey, and served with a small fruit salad.

181A couple of mornings, Justin and I wanted a quick grab and go breakfast, so I ordered a sausage and egg sandwich on whole wheat toast.  This pic doesn’t make it look too appealing, but it actually was quite tasty! 


This Thai salmon burger made with sweet Thai chili, scallions, cilantro, red peppers and topped with mango aioli with a side of sweet potato fries was amazing!!!  In fact, I liked it so much that I ordered it a few times during our stay!

Salmon BurgerI don’t have any pictures of these, but a few times we went to this awesome sandwich place for lunch!  One time I ordered a chicken salad sandwich with toasted walnuts, diced apples, bermuda onion with mayo on wheat berry bread and on another day, I had a Mediterranean sandwich with sun-dried tomato hummus, feta cheese, arugula, kalamata olives, cucumber and sun-dried tomato pesto on ciabatta bread.  Both of these sandwiches were delicious!


One night we went to a Mediterranean restaurant, which turned out to be really good!!!  Check out this Lavash bread…it’s huge!!!! 

151I also ordered the Falafel plate, which I ate pretty much every bite of!  Yum! 

152I typically don’t drink much alcohol, but I do like a cocktail every once in a while! ;-)

301I’m a huge fan of crab cakes, so of course I had to order some.

302Check out Justin’s ginormous meal of steamed crabs!  


I’m kind of a cupcake fanatic and I think I can venture to say that this was the BEST cupcake I ever had!!!!  It was vanilla cake (which was super moist and airy) with peanut butter cream frosting layered with a chocolate ganache.  OMG…my mouth is watering just thinking about it!!!

314And, just in case you ever get to Lake George…it came from this bake shop!  You must go…just sayin’


I want to end today’s post by thanking all of you for the kind words and encouragement on yesterday’s post!!!  It really means a lot to me and I SO appreciate it!!! :-)

What are some memorable vacations eats for you?

What’s your favorite cupcake flavor?

34 thoughts on “WIAW #12 – Vacation Eats

  1. You most certainly ate well over vacation =) Joshua and I will ALWAYS make sure we get some type of seafood plate while were on vacation. I mean, it just seems like a necessity lol.

  2. Love this food-tastic post! Makes me want to go on vacation again :) That Mediterranean sandwich sounds fantastic, and I love falafel, too. Hope your foot continues feeling better and the MRI gives some answers!

  3. that all looks sooo good! especially all thse breakfasts seeing as hows its almost 8am and im starving :) it looks like such an amazing trip! my favorite cupcake is carrot!

  4. Ooh those look so good, especially that salmon burger and sweet potato fries! The cupcake also looks freakin’ amazing, I would totally eat that!

  5. I’m not sure I feel comfortable picking a favorite cupcake. The others could turn on me once they hear I’ve chosen a favorite and then start a revolt.

    I have two favorite vacation meals and both in France. We stopped in this little lakeside restaurant in Limoges, France waiting for the Porcelain Factory to open (they are famous for porcelain). I had duck confit (yum), wine, and then I found out that you get plateu de fromage (plate of cheese). It was Heaven.

    A couple of days later, we went to this place and the chef was just so animated. I had pea soup in a shot glass and rabbit stew and then scones for dessert. The Chef was not happy with me for not finishing my meal, but I was so full.

    Those were two very memorable and delicious meals.

    • hehehe…I get you on the cupcake thing! There’s just seriously too many awesome flavors to choose, right!?!

      Thanks for sharing your 2 memorable meals! They sound amazing! I’ve always wanted to go to France and now I want to try some of these foods. Yum!

  6. Such fantastic looking eats! I LOVVVVE Thai food so that salmon burger sounds amazing! And all that seafood! I want some of the steamed crabs please. I like to order lobster occasionally on vacation…a nice splurge!

  7. I’d definitely say you did pretty well! All of your eats look fantastic, and I’m especially ogling those sweet potato fries and that cupcake. We have a little cupcake shop here that I’m kind of obsessed with, mostly because they’re peanut free :) But they make an AMAZING vanilla infused chocolate cupcake with buttercream frosting and chocolate ganache. Omigosh. Dying over here.

  8. GAAHHH those eats look phenomenal – especially the sound of that thai salmon burger! I love salmon anything – and crab cakes, too while we’re at it! So jealous of your yummy vacation eats!
    I am a huge cupcake fan also! I knew I loved you! That cupcake looks amazing – sometimes it’s the cupcakes that are simpler that end up tasting the damn best!

  9. Holy yum that cupcake. Need.

  10. Omg that Lavash bread is massive!! It must have been soo delicious though – looks like it came right out of the oven!

  11. Awesome food pics, they’re making me so hungry right now. Last week on a trip to London, I had a red velvet cupcake for the first time. Simply too amazing for words!!!

  12. I’d say you ate well over vacation ;-) But I have to say, Justin’s steamed crabs – my mouth instantly started watering. A literal bucket of seafood is a good way to go. And that cupcake! I just made some for a birthday like a week and a half ago, but I’m thinking that I need a good chocolate and peanut butter one ASAP. Or, there’s a cupcake shop near me that has a turtle’s version (lots of chocolate, walnut pieces and stuffed with caramel….amazing) that sounds pretty good right now :-p

  13. Med. Food is my OBSESSION!!!!!!! Greek and Middle Eastern, OOOO DROOL! I am obsessed with SHAWARMA right now, and could eat it until my stomach pops! LOL!

  14. Oh my, all those breakfast dishes from your trip look fantastic!!! And make my breakfast this morning look so sad haha. And that cupcake … yeah I need one of those. Yup, definitely do.

  15. Girl, all of that looks effing amazing. Especially that cupcake! Yum, I hope our vacation eats this weekend are as delicious as yours!

  16. omg I want that cupcakes, and that bread is huge! I also love crabcakes, I could jump into this post and eat everything you had!!

    • hehehe…I must say every time I look at the pics it makes me crave the food we have more and more. Too bad Lake George is so far away, otherwise I’d be eating that stuff everyday — okay…well maybe it’s actually a good thing! ;-).

  17. Everything looks and sounds wonderful! I love good crab cakes. I think I prefer muffins over cupcakes but I would choose pb cupcakes :)

  18. Wow, all of your food looked incredible!! I’m a big crab cake fan as well and haven’t had them in forever.
    And that cupcake!! You sold me.

  19. There is nothing like room service fruit. I am addicted to fruit when i go on vacation. Most memorable food? Breakfast at the Ritz in Amelia Island, FL. Favorite cupcake flavor: Coconut!

  20. That Mediterranean restaurant looks AMAZING!! That is one of my favorite types of cuisine.

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