Pro Compression Socks Review


So, would you make fun of me if I said that Pro Compression Socks have changed my life!?! ;-) Who knew I’d love them so much!?!  Well before I tell you more, I want to thank Becky @ Olives ‘n’ Wine for doing a post on this brand and pointing me in the right direction.  Oh yeah, she also got me 40% off these socks too!!!  I always like a good discount! ;-)

Compression Sock

Anyway, I’ve always had a problem with swelling in my lower legs.  I have NO idea why and after many different tests, the doctors don’t seem to know why either.  At one point (years ago), the doctor gave me the ugliest compression stockings on the face of the Earth to wear — he wanted me to wear them ALL day long!  Well, that wasn’t going to happen, especially during the summertime, so I hid them out of sight!  Essentially, I was pretty disgusted with getting NO answers and basically, learned to live with it.  Sigh!

Working out regularly sometimes helps with the swelling, but my legs were feeling achy and tired afterwards (especially after running).  Until I saw Becky’s post, I had NO idea the difference they could make after a workout.  So, I ordered them in purple, of course.  I’ve been wearing them every night after my workout and on days on don’t workout, I still slip them on.  They make my legs and feet feel amazing, and I’ve noticed that the swelling in my legs has gone down!  Woohoo!!   Plus, they’re waaaay more stylish than those ugly ones the doctor gave me! ;-)

Why Compression Socks

The Pro Compression Socks are extremely well-made and have a “graduated compression” technology that you can feel mainly around the ankle.  Just where I need it!  They’re super comfortable and the material is not itchy or scratchy.  They’re easy to care for and can just be thrown right into the washer.  They offer many different styles and colors to suit your needs. They can be a little difficult to get on because they’re tight, but it’s definitely worth the effort!  I can’t say enough about them! :-)

What’s your experience with compression socks?

*I have not been compensated by Pro Compression do this review.  I’m a genuine user of this product and all opinions are of my own.

32 thoughts on “Pro Compression Socks Review

  1. Yay for the discount and for you loving them!!! My legs – actually more specifically, just my leg calf, swell up when I sit down for long periods of time. And just like you, my doctors say nothing is wrong… It is so strange. I haven’t experimented with wearing my socks super frequently but after your success, I’m going to try it!

  2. I really have to get myself some of these! I also have issues with my lower legs swelling… so annoying!

  3. I really need to try compression socks! My right calf swells and tightens up after I run, so I really need to order some of these! Swelling is no fun!

  4. Compression socks are -amazing-. I’ve never tried this particular brand, but I have a pair that I wear whether or not I end up being super active and it’s made a huge difference in how my legs feel. Also, if it’s a circulation thing, have you ever tried dry brushing? I’ve been doing it every morning for a few months now and I’ve noticed a big difference in my legs. Definitely something to consider!

    • Well, funny you ask about dry brushing because after I read your post about it a few months back, I finally just recently bought a brush and have been trying it out for the past few weeks. I can’t say I see a difference yet, but I’m sure the effect is cumulative and I need to stick with it. I’ll let you know how that goes!

  5. I love my compression socks! I wear them for every long run over 7+ miles! I remember when I first ran 11 miles, my legs were really sore after the run! After I took a shower, I slipped the socks right back on and the pain was gone! Love ’em!
    I have the sleeves in purple!
    I also love how Pro Compression ALWAYS has a sock of the month for 40% off! :)

  6. I still havent tried compression socks but i think i could really benefit from them! i love compression pants. and yeah my lower legs like to swell too, im not sure why. ok ok fine you persuaded me, i’ll get these :)

  7. I haven’t tried compression socks yet – but your review is making me want to. I don’t have any swelling, but after long runs no matter how much I stretch, my feet and calves are so so achy – these maybe the answer!
    Thanks Holly!

  8. I’ve wanted to try compression socks forever! I think they’d help my swelling also. I’ll have to give them a go one of these days.

  9. Hopefully you didn’t get this twice, something messed up, but basically I LOVE compression feet are much happier when I wear them!

  10. I’ve never worn compression socks, but I have heard good things about them. Happy to hear that they seem to be working out for you!

  11. I’ve never used compression socks before because I thought they were just for runners. I wonder if they would be helpful for cyclists and just general fitness classes? I always thought about them for your legs but I think maybe my feet could benefit from them!

    • Well, other than the occasional run, I’m more into Zumba (as you know) and other things, and they’re totally working out for me. I even put them on on my rest days. They definitely seem to help my legs and feet.

  12. I love pro compression socks! I started wearing them when I was training for my half and now I wear them almost daily to help with my tendon that been having a hard time healing.

  13. Yay for cheap socks! I love Pro Compression socks and wear them to bed pretty frequently after runs. Glad you love them too :)

  14. Holly,

    Compression socks and tights changed my life too! I love them. I do find that I wear them more in the winter just because they are easier to hide. I love wearing them with boots. :)

  15. Uh, yeah girl, you know I am obsessed with these socks. I wear them to work now too, if the outfit allows. They truly are magnificent and I’m glad you finally got a pair! :) They are also an excellent company too so that’s an added bonus of using their products. This reminds me, I want another pair… Haha!

  16. While I’ve never tried these EXACT compression socks, as a nurse, I can vouch for their effectiveness. They definitely DO work. I might just have to give these a try. I love purple, but what other colors do they have these in? (I guess, I could just visit the site…lol)

  17. I’ve never worn compression socks, but I think I probably should. They sound amazing!

  18. I have never tried compression socks but I am seriously considering them now!

  19. Thanks for this post- the compression clothing/sock bandwagon has hit Australia recently! i’m a big fan of compression pants/shorts as I find they really loosen the muscles after a workout, but definitely need to look into the socks- didn’t realise just how many benefits they had!

  20. I could’ve used these during my 5K!

  21. I was just thinking about getting a pair of these today! I’m glad to hear they are helping you with the swelling.

    My shins are starting to hurt after running now but I’m not sure if these would help with that. All of the other benefits sound worth a shot!

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