An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!?!


I can’t believe it’s Friday already!  Short weeks are the best, right!?! :-)

On today’s PFF…apples, apples, apples – one of the main reasons this time of year is so exciting for me!  My parents’ have 5 acres of land with an orchard.  My dad planted 500+ apple trees on the property in all different types of varieties – Pink Lady, Gala, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious to name a few.  So, as you may imagine…apples were a big part of my life growing up.

Apple TreeWe used to make fresh apple cider — my dad had a cider press.  It was a lot of work to pick and wash each apple by hand, but it was the best thing ever!  We also made homemade applesauce, apple fritters, apple sweet bread, apple pie and of course, we ate lots of apples and peanut butter!

Basket of Apples

My parents’ still have quite a few trees, but over the years some have died, some were blown down from storms, some were taken down because they weren’t producing fruit or they were destroyed by other means.  For instance, one time (actually on my birthday in 2007), a black bear came on the property and ate the apples right off the tree!  It ended up bending the tree in half and rolling on it.  Needless to say…that tree was a gonner after that!

Here is the culprit!

Aug 16  2007 bear (21) Aug 16  2007 bear (18)It was (and still is for my parents) a lot of work caring for these trees.  Lots of pruning!!!  It was me and Russ’ job to haul the pruned branches away (what a pain in the neck!) and to pick the fruit.  I can tell you this…all the work is worth it to have your own fresh fruit; although, I certainly wouldn’t recommend 500+ trees, but one or two apple trees would be sufficient.  Hopefully one day, Justin and I’ll have the property to plant a few.  There is nothing like a fresh apple right of the tree!!!  It’s AMAZING!!!

Anyway, to answer the age old question…an apple a day certainly DOES keep the doctor away!  Take a look at the health benefits:

  • Apples have an amazing array of polyphenols, which function as antioxidants.
  • They have cardiovascular benefits.
  • They have benefits for blood sugar regulation.
  • They have anti-cancer benefits (especially colon and breast cancer).
  • They have anti-asthma benefits.
  • Preliminary health benefits have also been established for several age-related health problems (including macular degeneration of the eye) and neurodegenerative problems (including Alzheimer’s disease).

Yup…definitely worthy of the PFF title! :-)

Do  you grow any fruit trees?

What’s your favorite way to cook or eat apples?

What’s your favorite type of apple?  

Reference: Apples by the World’s Healthiest Foods

52 thoughts on “An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!?!

  1. I love gala apples! That sounds like such a dream growing up with an orchard in your backyard :) I like apples with cookie butter ;) or as a warm side dish to roasted chicken or pork loin.

  2. You can’t beat granny smith apples. Did you have those on your orchard?

  3. Oh my goodness! Having an apple orchard would be a dream. I can imagine that it would be tonnes of work as well, but there really isn’t anything like an apply fresh off the tree. My parents have one in their backyard, but it’s crabby and has really tart apples – not that great for eating. My favourite are probably golden delicious, and I looooove making them into a homemade applesauce. But really, I’ll eat apples any old way – they’re fantastic :)

  4. My grandma has a pear tree and we loved picking them! We thought it was so cool to eat something straight off a tree without buying it at the store. I love apples with sunflower seed butter. My son does too!

  5. I love apples! I can’t believe your parents have an orchard! That’s so cool. I want to go apple picking this fall. I like to focus on apples before the pumpkin craze hits in the fall!

  6. Wow, that’s so cool that your parents have apple trees! Our neighbors have three in their side yard and it’s making me want one! haha Or a lemon tree … that would be cool too. I love apples – I’ve been trying to focus on enjoying them before I move on to pumpkin!

  7. i am so jealous! in my dreams i always have an apple orchard. i love apples & PB – classic. plus i just love the word apple. i think it’s such a fun word :) haha

  8. I would love to have my own fruit trees, that’s amazing! I would want a lemon tree, or a peach tree. I love apple pie, or apple butter!

  9. I’m SO jealous you grew up with an apple orchard in your backyard! thats the coolest thing ever. i used to LOVE trips to orchards to pick apples. my mom makes the BEST apple pie ever, so we’d use the apples we picked and it was just so much fun all around. and yes, that is still my favorite type of pie :)

  10. Would your parents possibly want to adopt me? I want an apple orchard! So jealous, especially since fall apples are ridiculously delicious.

  11. That your parents have the apple orchard is very enviable.
    Aomori Prefecture is a producer of apples in Japan.
    Is located in the north of Japan it.
    I also really like apples.
    It is apple pie, among others:-):-)
    XOXO Ryoma

  12. Dude, I am so jealous of your fresh apples! I didn’t learn about how processed fresh apples actually are – they are covered in wax and are usually months old when they make it to shelves. I’ve heard fresh orchard apples are the best ever! Jealous! And I’m a huge fan of apple anything – but I don’t like raw granny smith or raw red delicious. They’re weird. :) <3 Have a fabulous weekend!

  13. That is SO awesome that your family has an orchard. Those trees are gorgeous. And how crazy about the black bear story?!
    I eat an apple nearly every single day and my favorite is gala. Although honeycrisps are a close second.

  14. Oh man can I come visit?! ;-) I like Pink Lady apples!

  15. I seriously don’t think that I go a day without eating at least one apple. They are one of my go-to snacks, and are absolutely amazing dipped in AB or PB, of course. I honestly don’t have a preference on type…I like to keep things mixed up!

  16. I love apples! I eat apple slices (usually Fugi) every morning with almond butter. This time of year makes me crave yummy apple baked goods. And pumpkin, too!

  17. I freaking loooooove apples! Levi does too so we eat them all the time!

  18. That would have been so cool to grow up with that orchard! We had one pretty close by when I was a kid, and we used to go apple picking every October. Usually I just eat apples as is or with some peanut or almond butter, but lately I’ve been making applesauce once in a while, which is always a good option.

  19. that’s AWESOME about your parents’ orchard and even cooler that they still have trees! i can only imagine how much work it is- we have a very small tomato garden haha

  20. I LOVE apples! They make the perfect afternoon snack. I’m so jealous of all your parents apple trees! Though, I can imagine how much upkeep they are.

  21. Apples are by far my favorite fruit. I eat at least one a day! Unfortunately, we had a really late freeze in Colorado, so our apple trees aren’t doing as well. My dad’s usually produces a lot of fruit, but we don’t have any this year :-( Nevertheless, I’ll buy the ones I can at market. Thank you for sharing!

  22. ….There was a bear there?! That is so awesome! How fortunate to have an abundance of apples at your disposal. I’m pretty lazy with using apples in cooking, but I do love microwaving them with cinnamon and mixing with yogurt! Great tips!

  23. Any apple besides red delicious or granny smith. Red delicious are the most overrated fruit EVER. They have no taste people! :D

    Favorite way to eat an apple- with a spoon. Throwback to my braceface days…

  24. Love making stuff with homemade apples! SO delicious! How fun to grow up with an apple orchard at your fingertips! Bear is a little scary though!!

  25. I would love to have an apple tree in our yard. During our honeymoon in Costa Rica they didn’t have ANY apples and by day four I actually told Ben that it was one thing I missed about home. Strange right? However, I do eat at LEAST one a day so I guess that makes sense.

  26. I’ve missed your blog so much over the past 3 weeks Holly! It’s been sad not blogging or commenting :( But I’m glad to be back! That’s so awesome that your parents have an orchard. Wow….what a childhood you must have had! I have always loved apples- especially Pink Lady and my favorite way to eat apples is with nut butter! Not just pb but ab and sunbutter as well! I also love a good classic apple pie ;)

  27. Honeycrisps all of the way! Seriously the best apples out there :) I love apples plain or I make a really good applesauce and a mean apple pie ;) So jealous of all of your apple trees at your parents!

  28. I love apples. Eating apples make you feel full, help you relearn satiety cues and you eat more mindfully. I’d love to have apple tress by our yard but unfortunately apple trees will not grow in my country, Malaysia.

  29. Completely awesome how many apple trees you had growing up!! I grew up on 40 acres, and there was a wild apple tree in our front woods. The apples were very bitter! Not fun to eat! ;) Thank you for this great informational post!

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  31. Oh my gosh. I LOVE this post!

    First, I was super excited that your parents planted 500 trees. 500! Amazing. :)

    Second, bear pictures! YAY! My husband and I watch a lot of bear documentaries. I’m so sorry that he broke the tree. I hope he at least amused you all with rolling around on it? :D

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