Target Practice – Healing


Well, here we are again…it’s Monday.  What a fast weekend!

Our weekend was pretty laid back.  We had no official plans on the agenda.  Other than some cooking and a visit from Justin’s mom, we literally had nothing going on.  It actually was a very relaxing and peaceful few days.  We’re also having some fantastic weather here in NJ and this weekend was certainly no exception, so lots of time was spent outdoors.

So, since this weekend was pretty uneventful, I thought today would be a good day to link-up with the ladies at Fit.Fun.Femme for some Target Practice to share an update about my foot and to set some new goals for the week.


I have yet to get my MRI.  There’s been issues with the insurance company so needless to say, its been a big pain in the neck. In the meantime, I’m still rocking my boot; although, my foot is definitely getting better. :-) The pain is quite minimal at this point; although, it’s still on the tender side when I press on the area.  So, my goal for this week is to continue to take it easy as much as possible and continue to heal.  Hopefully, I’ll here something about my MRI, but at this point, I’m not going to sweat it.  The treatment would still be the same and I’m seeing improvement, which I’m really happy about.


I’m still working out 5 days a week, but I’m continuing my focus on mat workouts and some upper body training.  Pilates has been my workout of choice.  I have a few pilates DVDs from a number of years ago that I’ve been doing, but I’m not really of fan them.  They’re pretty outdated and I don’t care for the instructor, so after some online searching, I purchased the Element: Total Body Pilates Kit with Mini-Ball.

Pilates DVDI’ve only done it twice so far, but I’m definitely liking it.  I’ll be doing a full review on it in the near future, but for now my plan is to combine this workout with some upper body strengthening this week, and all also throw some additional ab work in there too.


Clean eating is a definite priority for this week.


Honestly, last week was not so good in the eating department.  I was eating a lot of leftovers from our Labor Day BBQ and I also went out to eat several times.  So this week, I plan to get back on track and focus on lots of fruits/veggies, lean meats and limit my carb intake, which was through the roof last week.

What are your goals for this week?

Do you enjoy pilates workouts?

34 thoughts on “Target Practice – Healing

  1. I love Pilates! I also have some outdated workout videos, like VHS outdated! Probably time to toss those…I’ll be posting my weekly food/exercise goals today as well…I’m in need of a much better week than last week! Can’t wait to hear how yours goes.

  2. Glad your foot is getting better. At least in the meantime you’ll get some awesome abs from the pilates! My goal for this week is to just try and keep a normal routine since I’m traveling for work.

  3. I’m glad your foot is starting to feel better! Like you, I am going to try to work on eating clean this week. I did pretty good last week until this weekend with chinese take out, ice cream, pumpkin cookies and more.

  4. I need to eat clean this week too! Ive been terrible lately!

  5. So glad that your foot is starting to heal! My goal for the week is to run three times (and continue it after this week!). I’ve been doing it twice a week but realllyyyy want to get to three times. Happy Monday Holly!

  6. This week’s goals are to fit in all my workouts and eat right while on the road :) Way to go for still working out 5 days with an injury!

  7. I haven’t done a pilates workout in ages – I used to have a bunch of DVDs in high school that I would do though. And my goal for the week is not to run around like a chicken with it’s head cut off while I get ready for Minneapolis this weekend :-p

  8. I’m with you! I ate out a lot last week so this week I’m making a huge effort to get back on track. Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of pilates workouts. I prefer barre classes because I feel more of the burn. But I think I would do pilates if I were in your situation. I did a reformer class earlier this year that was actually very good, but wouldn’t be good for your foot. I also just recently purchased the Blogilates DVD and am looking forward to trying that out!

    • Well, quite honestly pilates is not my favorite thing to do either, but I suppose it’s better than nothing. I’m learning to like it! ;-) Oh thanks for the DVD suggestion! I’ll definitely be checking that one out! Also, let me know how you like it when you get a chance to try it out.

  9. It’s great to hear that your foot is feeling better :) Hopefully it’ll be back to 100% soon so you can ditch the boot. And I’ve actually never given Pilates a try, but I’ve been wanting to get into yoga a little bit more, so I’ve made it a goal to find some easy videos on YouTube to get myself started.

    Hope your week is off to a great start!

  10. I love “Target Practice” !!! I’m so pumped that you are still working out 5 days a week and not giving up even though you are injured. I need to keep that in mind when I get too tired or am working too much… I have no big targets for the week. I might do a quick juice cleanse tomorrow actually.

  11. That sucks they are giving you a hard time about the MRI. Typical insurance companies. I hope they pull through for you so you can figure out what’s going on. In the mean time, I think Pilates is a great solution! I’m interested to hear your review on the DVD too.

  12. Pilates and I have a love/hate relationship. I usually dislike it, but there are a few workouts I’ve done that I really really really enjoyed. I’m liking a prenatal pilates video I found on YouTube right now. I hope I don’t get sick of it within the next couple months.

  13. Yay for still working out even with that boot on your foot! That’s a big deal! That’d be an excuse for me to take a week off or something… Not keep working at it! You go! I’ve never done pilates, I’m actually trying it on Thursday…. We shall see about that. :)

  14. Your insurance company sounds like a pain in the behind! I don’t understand why they just won’t let people get the care they need when they need it, ugh… On a more positive note, I recently started taking pilates/barre classes at my new gym and I love them! They are one tough workout.

  15. Darn insurance company – I’m so sorry that you are stuck with no MRI but glad you can still workout!

  16. My goals for this week are to stay on top of things homework-wise and try to get all of my to-do’s done before the weekend. I’m going on a trip for two days and it would be a total buzzkill to have to spend the whole ride there, back and my extra free time studying.

    Sorry to hear about the MRI difficulties that you’re having! So far I’ve been lucky that the insurance has covered (well, at least partially) all of the tests that I’ve had run on my stomach. But someday soon they will probably start rebelling and saying “No more!” Lol. I think you are doing a great job on your own so far and I hope they get it all figured out for you soon :)

  17. Sorry to hear about the difficulties you’re having. I hope things look up in that department. Insurance companies are NEVER easy to deal with. Keep fighting the good fight!

  18. Ahh hope you get some feedback soon on the MRI- good job for changing up the workouts so ensure it doesn’t get further inflamed!

    After some indulgence, its funny how our bodies naturally crave the fresh foods and less processed things! A good way to focus on trusting ourselves and our bodies!

  19. Hoping your foot heals quickly!!!!!
    I want to try Pilates!!

  20. I love pilates! I used to take a class during lunch at work. It was a great way to relax!

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