A Slightly Modified Version of Power Foods Friday


I’m super excited about today’s guest post!  I’ve been following Charlotte @ Commitness to Fitness for quite some time now. She is extremely witty and has quite the way with words.  I always read her posts in the a.m. because they always bring a smile to my face or leaving me laughing hysterically.  This post is certainly no exception!  Take it away Charlotte!


Hello Eat Great Be Great fans! I’m Charlotte of Commitness to Fitness and I am filling in for the lovely Miss Holly while she is away on business.

So, what should we talk about today? Let’s talk about Holly while she’s gone. Isn’t she so pretty? And doesn’t she have the prettiest hair? I’m so jealous of her hair.

I also always love her Power Foods Friday posts, don’t you? As I was brainstorming ideas for today’s post, I was thinking of doing something along those lines. However, it soon occurred to me that I am nowhere near as knowledgeable as she is on the subject of power foods, because when I tried to think of a power food the first thing that came to mind was a gummy bear wearing a cape.

So I then spent a larger portion of my day than I care to admit figuring out how put a cape on a gummy bear.

gummy wearing a cape

Power gummy!

I then thought to myself wouldn’t the story of Frankenstein have been a little more relateable if Frankenstein’s monster had awoken from just a jolt of coffee? Not that I’m trying to tell the great Mary Shelley how to write, I’m just making an observation on the kind of power it takes to get me moving when I’m dead to the world:

frankenstein on coffee

Which subsequently reminded me of a science project I did as a child where I learned that it’s possible to turn on a light bulb using a potato:


And ta da! Literal power food! (See kids, I had a point the whole time)

And that brings me to the end of this post. Thanks for reading. I hope you learned something, even if it was just about gummy bears and capes. Have a great day :)

Did you ever turn on a light bulb with a potato?

What’s a memorable science project you did as a kid?

Whats one food that you can always count on for a boost?

24 thoughts on “A Slightly Modified Version of Power Foods Friday

  1. Haha – silliness. Have a great Friday ladies!

  2. Oh – I love this little circle of thoughts on a Friday morning!!! I’m pretty sure that I did the lightbulb experiment at some point (and as a science geek – Biology/Chemistry major – I love that kind of thing!!).
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Haha I just love your idea on power foods! Excuse me while I tie a cape on a Godiva chocolate!!!!

  4. :lol: Ahhh thank you for some giggles on this gloomy Friday morning. I miss those childhood science projects. I can’t for the life of me think of any right now, but I do remember them being pretty fun.

  5. awesome silliness for a friday! and to think that back then, those childhood projects were SO HARD but compared to the projects i’m doing now? they were way more awesome. i miss those days!

  6. Oh My – the gummy bear with the cape – just hilarious! But I really want to know how the heck did you get that cape on him and get it to stay put? did you glue it? No – I have never used a potatoe to turn on a bulb – well, memorable science project involved a couple of us in the chem lab (dont remember what we were doing) but teacher stepped out and we accidently blew up the lab, think the explosion wiped my meory ;) – and Peanutbutterchocolate is what is my power boost!
    Another great post lady!

  7. Charlotte, once again, you are just too awesome. I love how you actually figured out how to put a cape on a gummy bear ;-) I remember my brother and I making a maze for his pet gerbil once – it didn’t actually have any scientific basis, we just wanted to see if he(she? it? i don’t remember) could get through it. We felt pretty scientist-like :-p

  8. How did I miss this whole lightbulb and potato thing?! Sounds like the most amazing science project ever, especially given my love for potatoes. Does it work in french fry form?

  9. Did you ever turn on a light bulb with a potato?

    I’ve never had the need to, but, it still pretty handy that you can do that…you know…if you are ever in a situation that requires it. :)

    What’s a memorable science project you did as a kid?

    A volcano. Volcanoes are always memorable, aren’t they? They can be lame, but, if you do them right, they can be pretty awesome. The one I did that year was more memorable than the other 5 that were also presented…lol

    Whats one food that you can always count on for a boost?

    Courtesy of my early Christmas present from my hubby, my new Keurig is capable of producing enough coffee to keep me going each day. So, if it counts as a “food”…I’ll have to say “coffee”.

  10. Haha, you always make me laugh first thing in the morning.
    I totally loved all those childhood experiments! Makes me miss the good ol’ days!
    Happy Friday to you!
    And Holly hope you’re having a blast!

  11. Charlotte always knows exactly how to start the day off right! And now I want gummy bears!

  12. hahah I love it. Just what I needed in the midst of so much serious blogging. I love an education post but I needed this today ;)

  13. You just mentioned my three favorite power foods: gummy bears, coffee and. If by potatoes you mean French fries, then we have a trifecta!

  14. You never disappoint Charlotte!! You should market those super gummies. My kids would love them!! ha ha ha

  15. A gummy bear in a cape. THIS. IS. AWESOME. I am so impressed that you spent the time to get this cape just right. That is attention to detail you don’t find every day. I already knew it, but you are my kind of people, Charlotte. MWAH! –Lisa

  16. You didn’t tell us about how you got the cape on the bear??

  17. This is gold. I am so embaressed to admit this, but when I was in primary school, we did the potato and electricity experiment…and I ate half the potato before doing it and got sent to the head office! thanks for a great post Holly, and Charlotte… no words. (Actually that was 2).

  18. Haha – very cute…love the power food ‘Super-gummy’! My 4 year old would tooootally agree with you! ;)
    -Sammy @ peaceandloveandicecream.blogspot.com

  19. Though I am not reading this on Friday, you totally brightened up my Sunday morning! That gummy bear just cracked me up. I’m sensing the need for a ‘Put a cap on a gummy bear tutorial’ asap!

  20. This is wonderful x 1 million, seriously, haha!

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