WIAW #15 – Insatiable Cravings


It’s that time of the week again…Hump Day and WIAW!  As always, thanks to Jenn for hosting!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been having this insatiable craving (way more than usual) for lots of fruits a veggies, so between my dad’s garden and my trip to the farmer’s market this past weekend, I’ve been going to town.  Apples, pineapple, bananas, nectarines, figs, bell peppers, tomatoes, baby spinach, kabocha squash and avocados are my produce of choice right now.  I’ve been eating them raw as snacks, but I’ve also been incorporating them into my meals.  Here’s a look of what I’ve been doing with all this fabulous fresh produce.

Unless it’s overnight oats, I really tend to make hot oatmeal (specifically steel cut oats) during the weekend because they take a while to make and I don’t have the time to cook them up before work.  So over the weekend, I broke into my steel cut oats boiled them with some unsweetened coconut milk and a drop of vanilla and topped it off with sautéed apples (I sautéed the apples in some water until soft, not mushy and added in some maple syrup, cinnamon and nutmeg) and some melted peanut butter.  OMG…delicious!!!

BreakfastEver since September rolled around, the blog world has been obsessed with kabocha squash.  As I’ve never had or cooked with one before, I figured I’d better jump on the bandwagon and see what it was all about, so this weekend I bought one at the farmer’s market.  Can I just say…holy moly it was quite the workout to cut that thing open (Arman, I totally get why your knife broke)!?!  Jeesh!  Justin had to help me out with that one!  When we finally got it all cut up, I roasted it in the oven with some coconut oil, salt and some cinnamon.  Well, I certainly wasn’t disappointed with the result!  I’ve been eating it all week and I’m loving it.  I’ll definitely be buying it again – I just have to figure out an easier method to cut it open!

Kabocha SquashWe went to my parents’ house on Saturday and my dad had some amazing yellow tomatoes and some plum tomatoes.  I took some home and as a side dish for dinner on Sunday, I sliced them up and drizzled them with olive oil and sprinkled some sea salt/pepper and oregano on the top.

IMG_0675I’ve been eyeing Amanda’s Pumpkin Hummus Tortilla Pizza for quite some time now and I finally had all the ingredients at home to make, so it’s been my dinner for the last two nights in a row.  If you haven’t tried it before, it’s definitely a must try!  I used a brown rice tortilla and topped it off with some of those tomatoes pictured above, baby spinach, avocado and mozzarella cheese.  Yum, yum, yum!  It’s completely customizable which, aside from the taste, is the other thing I love about it.


When Alexis posted this recipe for an Apple Pie Smoothie the other day, I knew I had to try it right away, so yesterday morning I made it for breakfast.  I followed the recipe exactly, but added a scoop of vanilla protein powder for some added protein.  So yummy and it definitely reminded me of an apple pie!

Apple Pie Smoothie

What fruits/veggies are you loving lately?

Favorite oatmeal toppings?

Any tips on how to cut that kabocha squash open?

32 thoughts on “WIAW #15 – Insatiable Cravings

  1. those tomatoes look sooo good! i love fresh tomatoes sprinkled with salt. blueberries are my favorite oatmeal topping! in fact im eating steel cut oats with blueberries as i write this :)

  2. Oh girl, I’m SO with you on the crazy fruit and veggie cravings. When snack time rolls around, I honestly find myself craving things like cold, roasted, leftover veggies — which, for someone with a crazy sweet tooth, is almost unheard of. Kabocha, pumpkin, broccoli, corn, carrots, tomatoes… eat ALL the veggies. And apples and bananas for fruits, mostly…

  3. I’ve seen the squash obsession too, and I really need to try some! And those tomatoes! YUM! I love eating my Grandma’s homegrown tomatoes with a little sprinkle of salt on top! It’s summertime in a bite! Favorite fruits and veggies are spinach and grapes and bananas! Right now I’m just loving cinnamon on my oatmeal. Kind of plain, but the simplicity is SO good!

  4. SO glad you enjoyed the smoothie! I have definitely been lacking in the fruit and veggie department lately. I need to stock up at the store so I can get back in the game. All of your eats look delish, per usual :)

  5. Kabocha squash definitely becomes an addiction! It was around this time last year when I first discovered it and I haven’t looked back since! It’s so good! Tips on cutting into it – try microwaving it for around 1/2 mins before you roast it; it helps soften it up a bit and you should be able to slice through it a bit easier.

  6. girl that oatmeal has me drooling. i’m on a huge apple kick, bananas are beginning to feel a little left out…i’ll have to try that smoothie recipe too!

  7. An insatiable craving for fruits and veggies is a good craving too have!!! Try microwaving the kabocha for a few mins and avoid arm days at the gym before cutting into one ;)

  8. Yum, I love adding fresh apples to oatmeal! And that apple pie smoothie sounds amazing. That may need to happen soon….

  9. Those tomatoes look SO good!! I am absolutely obsessed with tomatoes topped with sea salt right now :).

  10. melted peanut butter is the best <3

  11. I love apple pie smoothies! I am just loving apples in this season right now. So fresh & crisp, just like fall :)

    My favorite oatmeal toppers are pb, blueberries, and coconut chips.

  12. Oh that oatmeal recipe looks so yummy! I’ve been really into produce lately too! I think when it’s really ripe and fresh it’s so delicious! What’s not to love. I love seeing what everyone is making and trying it out!

  13. Your produce list looks pretty similar to mine right now! I have been really loving nectarines, especially.
    All of your food looks amazing! I need to try Amanda’s pumpkin tortilla pizza. Drooling.

  14. I’ve been craving lots of veg lately too. I even went to an Indian buffet today and wasn’t in the mood for tandoori chicken like I usually am. I loaded up on all kinds of veggie curries and salad.

    At home, I’ve been eating lots of broccoli, cauliflower, and leafy greens. I’m so happy you’ve joined the kabocha club! :D

  15. I’d say that craving fruits and veggies is never a bad thing! I’ve been craving baby carrots and roasted squash lately – I think it’s safe to say that I will be rocking a slightly orange hue soon ;-) And as for the squash, toss it in the microwave for two minutes before you cut it! It makes it a lot easier, I’ve found. Favourite oatmeal toppings are banana slices, nut butter and jam, or a fried egg.

  16. Everything looks great! I am addicted to fruit, but right now I can’t get apples off my mind. I can’t wait to pick some up this weekend at the Farmer’s market! No tips on the Kabucha, my husband hates squash so we rarely have it. Fav oatmeal toppings? Peanut butter and coconut sugar

  17. Everything looks good, especially the tomatos! I usually stab my kabucha and then put in in the microwave for a few minutes before I can cut it. Or, my favorite option, I give Tyler the please help me look and get him to cut it up for me.

  18. I love tortilla pizzas, (or pita pizzas) because they totally fill me up and I feel like I’m eating a whole pizza! haha

  19. Wow, we must on the same foodie wavelength this week- Not only have I made Amanda’s pizza twice but I’ve also made Alexis apple pie smoothie too haha! Lets not talk about the kabocha…I ordered a knife which claims can cut through bones so I can’t wait to put it to the test!

    Favourite oatmeal topping- salted peanuts. No wait. Salt. Seriously- it brings it to the next level.

  20. My favorite oatmeal toppings are maple syrup, brown sugar, and pecans right now. Last week it was peanut butter. Always changing!

    Been craving grapes more than anything right now..maybe I haven’t been staying hydrated!

  21. Any squash is really hard to work with, but it’s worth it in the end. I can’t get enough fruit and vegetables lately either. Peaches, figs, plums, pears, apples, kale, cauliflower, green beans, corn, avocados, and I love parsley lately.

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