MIMM #10 – Shopaholic


Wow, it’s that time again…MIMM! I feeling like my weeks are just flying by.  Can you believe tomorrow is already October 1st!?! What the heck happened to September!?!  Anyway, I’m excited to be linking up with Katie again.  As always, thanks for hosting!

Justin and had a relaxed laid back weekend.  The weather has continued to be gorgeous, so its been nice to get outdoors and enjoy it. And…I may have gone shopping again!  Can you say…shopaholic!?!  Well, every once in a while my mom and I meet for the day for a shopping excursion.  We hadn’t gotten together to do that in quite a while, so Saturday ended up being the perfect day for it!

You may remember my finds from last weekend – the focus of my purchases was on clothes well, this time around my focus was on some other things.  Can I just say…Home Goods is a very dangerous store!?! I have this think about dishes – I LOVE dishes. I have to stop myself sometimes for buying them since we live in a townhouse, we don’t have tons of room for lots of dishes, but I made an exception on Saturday. ;-)

This decorative fall plate and spoon rest totally jumped out at me. I have a small plate stand that this dish will be displayed on and of course, the spoon rest will be finding a home near the stove. 

Fall DishesI was very drawn to the simplicity of this plate.  My plan is to use it to display small appetizers or to place a sweet bread on it.

Plate I’m pretty excited about this bowl, which my mom spotted! It’s handmade in Turkey and the design is genuine silver. My plan is to use this bowl for the holiday season as a centerpiece on our coffee table in the living room. 

Silver Bowl

Believe it or not, Home Goods also had some amazing organic food finds. I was pretty shocked at this discovery, but excited to get a few awesome things at really good prices.

HG FoodAnd, we made a quick trip to the health food store too.


Okay, I did sneak a shirt in there, but I swear that’s the only piece of clothing I bought and besides, it’ll be perfect for work. ;-)

ShirtAnd, to end a fabulous shopping day…mango flavored froyo!!! DELICIOUS!!! 


Any other shopaholics out there?

What are your favorite items to shop for?

Favorite health food store finds?

What’s marvelous in your Monday?

41 thoughts on “MIMM #10 – Shopaholic

  1. haha I’m sooo obsessed with Homegoods. One, they have awesome decorations for the fall, christmas, etc. Two, if you really spend time looking, you can find some great all year round finds in there! And now I want to make a trip… even though I was just there about a week or so ago : )

  2. I am soooo not a shopaholics except when it comes to kitchen stuff and fitness stuff. I actually can’t control myself at Home Goods…it’s a problem!

  3. The fall plates are so cute! I can’t wait to pull out my Halloween mugs! :D I love shopping for dishes too – Pier 1 and thrift stores are my fav places to go. I LOVE shopping at health food stores, for home decor, clothes, fitness stuff, makeup. Anything, really! What is it with women and shopping? Why are we so good at it and why do we love it so much?!

    Fav health food stuff is like things local/pastured meat, fun nut butters, kale chips, chocolate. I wouldn’t even it call it health food shopping because I always end up buying junk food! Ha

  4. Hello!
    It is a blessing to a wonderful discovery.
    Shirt suits ware products, and silverware.
    Favorite mango my Okinawa made​​.
    The really delicious! !

  5. What fun! It’s been a while since I’ve had a shopping trip. My mom is my best shopping buddy though. :)

  6. 1. I am so sad we were unable to meet up while Joshua & I were in town. Things got so crazy the last week. I swear, we barely had time to even relax. We’ll be home again next year though – so no ifs & buts :)

    Love your fall plates. Do you guys have a Christmas Tree Shop near you? Their collection of seasonal plates is awesome.

    • I know…I’m sad we missed each other too! I figured you got super busy. We’ll definitely plan for something when you come back for a visit. Keep me posted!

      Yes, we have a Christmas Tree shop about 15 minutes away from our house. It’s funny, I kind of forgot about that place. Thanks for the reminder because now I have to go! ;-)

  7. Sounds like you had quite the fun weekend!

    I absolutely love HomeGoods, as well! Couple that with stores like Kohl’s, Ross, and Pier 1 Imports, and I could easily leave making a bit of a dent in our bank account….lol….

    I love those fall plates, by the way! I’ve been impulse buying alot of a fall-related decor as of late….

  8. I love shopping for food but other than that usually try to keep away from shopping. Those dishes you got are really cute though!

  9. My favorite item to shop for is definitely workout clothes. I just want to buy everything!!! I’m addicted. Seriously.

  10. I am a serious shopaholic! I have been known to pull all day shopping trips… not good for the wallet! Love the new top and that silver bowl is truly amazing!

  11. I am right there with you! HomeGoods/TJ MAxx is so dangerous. I can spend my whole paycheck in there in like an hour. I love those pumpkin plates and the white plate. Dishes are starting to be something I really like too but don’t have any room for.

    And I love that shirt! Def a good work shirt!

  12. That bowl is gorgeous!! I LOVE that shirt too! I am all about the lace details right now :).

  13. Cute shirt! And I’d never argue about froyo! :)

  14. I love all of your finds! That silver holiday plate is perfect for Winter, it looks like a snowflake! And I am all about sheer blouses right now, plus you found one with a cute lace accent. Great deals, lady! ;)

  15. Ah, yes, I have spent way too much money at Home Goods. Given, the prices are very reasonable but it’s so easy to get sucked in and want to buy everything! It’s right next to the grocery store I shop at every week so I make my way in there more than I should.

    Love those fall plates, they are so pretty!

  16. I’m avoiding the Home Goods near my apartment for that very reason ;-) I know I’ll get sucked in! And those fall plates are gorgeous.

  17. Fellow shopaholic right here! Don’t take me into a Home Goods unless you want to spend at least 3 hours there ;) You found some awesome deals that are all perfect for fall! Is their food good? I’ve seen it there but never knew if they had it because it was old or if they just sourced their own food too!

    • Your a girl after my own heart! You and I could definitely do some damage in that store! ;-) So far, I’ve only tried the vanilla, which was perfectly fine. I’ll keep you posted on the other stuff.

  18. Oh geez, those home goods stores are dangerous! I’m a complete sucker for all things kitchen and decor related as well, and it’s horrible for me because I want to buy ALL the things but my storage space for keeping all those seasonal things is pretty limited and I have to be really picky about what I bring home — good for my wallet, but sad for me.

    • I feel your pain! Every time I bring something like that home, Justin usually gives me a look and follows-up by saying…and where are you going to put that? I just can’t help myself sometimes. Sigh!

  19. We don’t have a Homegoods here! I want to visit now. My favorite thing to shop for is kitchen supplies (and of course clothes!).

    You’re making me so jealous wit the mango froyo. Mango flavored sorbet is one of my top five favorite ice creams.

  20. I love the breakfast aisle when shopping. I can’t eat a single thing in it, but boy are those companies creative! Poptarts, I applaud you :P

    I really need some new plates/bowls though. Needs to happen soon as I am getting tired of the same americana/yellow flower plates that I use for everything! Haha.

    For a second I thought your mango froyo was pumpkin flavored. That would have been epic!

  21. Ah, Holly(wood), I had to double check I was reading your post recent post as I was like…wait didn’t she just go shopping?!

    Although, those purchases look awesome- I love how you’ve already decided whats going on one of the plates :p Favourite things to shop for? Simple T shirts without much print and…. food.

    Have a great start to your week!

    • hehehe…yup, I did go shopping last weekend too! Rest assured, I will NOT be shopping this weekend! ;-)

      And, by the way, it’s so funny because you’re not the only one who calls me Hollywood…I get that from some of my coworkers too!

  22. Girl, I hear that! This entire year has absolutely FLOWN by like hella crazy! It’s not cool. BUT, I am loving those fall and holiday purchases that go perfectly with this gorgeous changing weather! I LOVE HOME GOODS ahh! And I absolutely LOVE that shirt! It is perfect for work! Jealous. I love to shop for workout clothes – and that’s about it! I’m the worst…

  23. I love Homegoods & TJ Maxx!! Unique plates & bowls are so much fun… almost as much fun as getting new coffee mugs. ;) Love the look of that bowl, so pretty!!

  24. I am loving your dishware finds! I love adding festive decorations with simple, classic pieces. And yes, I am a pretty bad shopoholic :/ I love splurging on cosmetics.

  25. omg everything you got is SO CUTE! sometimes a little (read: a lot) of shopping is necessary! its not like you bought a yacht (although, sometimes a yacht is necessary too now that i think about it… i bet beyonce could make that argument, but i digress) clothes is where all my money goes :)

  26. You got awesome stuff. And yes, I do love to shop. I’m at Target a lot.

  27. The decorative fall plate and spoon are gorgeous! I love them! And that shirt…what a lucky find! Good for you for just buying one article of clothing…I always have trouble with that haha

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