Total Body Pilates DVD Review


Happy Friday!!!  I know it’s been a few weeks since I did a Power Foods Friday.  Honestly, I was starting to get a bit bored of it, so I decided to give myself a break, but I’m ready to get back into the PFF tradition, so it’ll be in full swing next week…promise!

I had mentioned the Total Body Pilates DVD I had purchased a few weeks ago and I wanted to give you my review.  During my current cardio hiatus I didn’t want to stop exercising all together, so I searched for alternative exercises that wouldn’t put pressure on or hurt my foot (update coming on Monday).  The best option I came up with was Pilates.  To be quite honest, Pilates isn’t my favorite form of exercise and while I do have a few Pilates DVDs at home from Mari Winsor, I’m really not a fan.  So, after doing some searching online, I discovered the Total Body Pilates With Mini Ball Kit by the Element (you check out a short video clip HERE).

Pilates DVDI’ve been doing this DVD for several weeks now and surprisingly, I’ve really come to enjoy it and not only that, I’ve really come to enjoy Pilates. Who would’ve guessed that!?!  I wouldn’t say this DVD is super challenging and doesn’t leave me extremely sore the next day, but It has helped me focus on body awareness and my breath, and has helped with strengthening my core.  It also has a relaxing element to it, which is perfect after a long stressful work day.

The DVD consists of one 20 minute workout and one 30 minute workout.  FYI…I’ve been combing the workouts in order to get in a really good Pilates session.  The setting is beautiful, the music is calming and the instruction is top notch.

The only equipment needed is the mini ball (which comes with the DVD) and a mat.  The mini ball is truly amazing.  It’s meant to mimic the barrel or reformer in a Pilates studio.  It helps engage certain muscles of the body that wouldn’t necessarily be active if you weren’t using the ball.

PilatesSince it’s purely a mat workout, it’s a perfect DVD for anyone with a foot or other lower body injuries (with a doctor’s consent, of course).  I wouldn’t necessarily want to do this DVD as my sole workout, but I think adding it to my usual workout regime would be perfect.  If anything, it’s great for stretching after a workout that leaves your muscles sore.  Overall, I’m definitely happy with this purchase and look forward to making it a part of my usual exercise plan.

Are you fan of Pilates workouts?

What’s your favorite form of exercise?

Any fun weekend plans?

34 thoughts on “Total Body Pilates DVD Review

  1. I was doing a yogalates DVD in college for a little while but I think I tend to enjoy yoga more than Pilates. It’s always good to find a supplemental workout that you can do at home though :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your review Holly! I’ve been trying to think of ways to switch up my workout routine at home … I’ve been wanting to experiment with some DVDs. I’ve been starting to get bored and need to try some new things!

  3. Like you, I am not a lover of pilates, but dang if it isn’t still a great workout! My favorite thing about this post – your positive attitude WITH an injury is super wonderful to read. Side note – that’s one of the best things about you, even though I don’t know you IRL. You have the best and greatest attitude and I feel like you’re one of those happy go lucky types. :) Glad this video is doing the trick for now. :)

  4. Arigato! !
    It is full of gratitude to share from you.
    I am trained physical strength and spirit by kendo present from old customs in Japan.
    Aerobics of the United States is also popular in Japan.
    I also use the auxiliary to purchase some.
    XOXO Ryoma

  5. So glad you’ve found a workout you can do right now that you like! I’ve never really done a lot of pilates, but I did take a barre class that I liked, probably because I used to dance. I think those types of exercise definitely have a lot going for them! I’m a cardio junkie, so I love running.

  6. I started doing pilates several years back when I couldn’t run because of a stress fracture – now I love to add it in on days that I’m just not feeling a high intensity workout. I will have to check out this DVD!

  7. I do Blogilates vids sometimes – MAN are they ever hard. I did an ab one recently, and I was sore for 3 days afterwards! JESUS. Btw- fair warning, I have been dropping swear words all over peoples blogs today.

  8. Great review. Gotta love pilates :)

  9. I’ve only done Pilates once and it was so hard! Great workout, but of course, I much prefer yoga. Something for everyone, right? Enjoy your weekend!

  10. Oh, this looks like a fun workout! You know I love my pilates:)
    PS I got your e-mail. I’ll get back to you asap! I’ve just been super slow with that lately. Sorry for being annoying!

  11. I’m so proud of you for turning something negative into something positive! Great job, Holly!

    My core is always in need of strengthening so I should probably get down on the floor and do some Pilates. It’s so important for your posture and back. This looks like a great DVD too!

  12. I have taken a pilates class once and it was awesome! I will definitely be trying this DVD. I love it when a workout DVD offers two different sessions so you can choose how long you want the workout to be.

  13. I haven’t taken a Pilates workout in years – but my gym offers 3 or 4 different ones, so I’ll be getting to those soon!

  14. You wrote this post because you knew I was looking for a new way to exercise that wouldn’t set off my leg right? How did you know? ;)

    Definitely looking into this! Have a wonderful weekend Holly!

  15. I miss pilates! I always liked it more than yoga because I felt like it was more of an actual workout… Then I was proved wrong with hot yoga. lol hot yoga = death

  16. I’ve never tried Pilates before! I have a hard time getting myself to do workouts from a DVD< but have tried the 30 Day Shred and liked it :D

  17. Love your positivity.
    In fact never tried Pilates, might do it. With this running addictions with weight training, I don’t get to explore other forms of toning. DVD’s are good but we need some push sometimes with the surroundings too right.?

  18. yay, i can comment!! thx for the review. I need to get this for my mom!

  19. I started doing pilates about a year ago, and I love it! I think the changes are so visible. It’s a hard workout too! My favorite form of exercising has to be running or yoga, but pilates is up there!

  20. Pilates is something I’ve never really tried, but I’ve always considered it similar to yoga, which I’m just now getting into so I think I would enjoy pilates. Like you said though, I couldn’t rely solely on it but I could incorporate it into my weekly workout plan. My favorite workout may just be any sort of circuit or HIIT workout—if I can burn calories by only spending 30 minutes at the gym I am a happy girl!

  21. I really love how pilates uses your own body to tone. I’m going to check out the dvd!

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