My Fall Fashion Favs


FYI…be sure and check out The Big Man’s World blog today where Arman and I are discussing the comparison trap between friends. 

I don’t talk too much about style and fashion on the blog, but aside from healthy living, my 2nd favorite topic revolves around fashion! Fortunately or maybe rather, unfortunately, I work in an area that has some great shopping centers.  There was a time that I’d go out shopping on my lunch hour a few times a week, every week.  Shoes especially were my addiction of choice.  I seriously need a closet just for my shoes…no joke!  Every time I’d come home with another shopping bag, Justin would roll his eyes.  But in my defense, I always by stuff on sale or if I have a coupon!!!  I think this totally justifies all my purchases, right!?! ;-)  Anywho, my slight shopping addiction has gotten much better, but that certainly doesn’t mean I lost my love of fashion.

Of all the seasons, fall fashion just so happens to be my favorite!  I love ankle pants, leggings, tunics with belts and chunky sweaters.  Cardigans are another fav of mine and are especially versatile for work.  Lightly patterned tights is also something I gravitate towards, and I LOVE boots (specifically knee high boots) and suede heels.  In my opinion, every outfit looks SO much better with heels! Oh and lets not forget scarves, which is a pretty ironic obsession of mine seeing as a few years back, I wanted nothing to do with them, and now I can’t enough of them.  Over the last year, my scarf collection has grown quite a bit too!  Oh right…and big bags.  Totally a big bag girl for sure!

I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the recent fall fashions trends that I’ve been loving and pinning lately.  Okay, here we go…

And, just in case you were wondering…

To check out more of my fashion finds on Pinterest, click HERE.

What are some of your favorite fall fashions?

Heels…yay or nay?

Big bags…yay or nay?

31 thoughts on “My Fall Fashion Favs

  1. I’m a big fan of scarves too – especially really cozy ones! I’m loving the look of that third outfit with the dress + cardigan + scarf. Some of my other favourite fall fashions are leather boots, plaid shirts, and cardigans.

    I like the look of heels, but not how they make my feet hurt! I can’t wear them on a daily basis – only for a couple hours if I’m going out to dinner or something!

    • I always lean toward the Aerosoles brand when it comes to heels. They’re surprising super comfortable and super fashionable. I can wear them all day and my feet are feeling good by the end of the day. Hurting feet are definitely no fun!

  2. i’m so not trendy but i wish i was. texas does not get that cool, other wise i would love to buy more boots!!

  3. I love all those outfits, I’ll take one of each please!

    Also I don’t usually wear heels because I’ll tall to begin with, I hate towering over people! But love big bags!

    -Elise @

  4. I think we have VERY similar style. I loved every single outfit you had picked out! :)

  5. YAY for heels, and YAY for big bags — two of my fashion staples, no matter what season it is. That being said, fall fashion is my absolute favourite — skinnies, high boots, big sweaters, scarves… Ahhh this time of the year does some pretty big damage to my wallet.

  6. I’m only 5’2″ so I’m a big fan of heels. I wear them almost every day. This fall I am loving big chunky scarves and tall boots. I feel so warm and cozy when I am wrapped up in my scarves!

  7. Love scarves and the pairings of diff neutrals, and a big fan of boots over skinnies — but not heeled boots. Def more of a flats girl as I like to save my sore calves for my workouts/running! I dig leggings or skinny jeans with boots, layers, beanies jaunty lil motorcycle leather jackets.

  8. Loving me the skinny pants, boots, big bags and LOTS of bracelets to make a giant arm mess. Oh! And scarves. And chambray shirts.

  9. I will only carry big bags!!
    IN the fall I love leggings or tights with long sweaters and boots!

  10. We must be on the same page today! I’m obsessed with the third picture down and am actually wearing something similar minus the scarf. I LOVE fall fashion and do think scarves are a YES.

  11. I love fall fashion too! I just can’t get enough of fall boots and scarves! I need that jacket above… Sooo freakin’ cute!!!

  12. Loveeee that first look, and I’ve been eyeballing a floppy hat for fall!

  13. Heels and big bags for the win!! Seriously those along with boots, leggings and scarves are my fall go-tos!

  14. I am LOVING the cable-knit scarves!

    Big bags are a definite yay!…except I can never find anything in them!! ;)

  15. I love fall fashion! I love sweaters and boots!

  16. Love fall fashion, mainly for skinny jeans with boots, and leather jackets and scarves. And I am all for heels – the taller the better!

  17. Love a good pair of heels ;)

    Thanks for giving your perspective- double points for the Daria picture reference. She may be one of my idols. No shame.

  18. I would love to see some of your fall outfits! I bet they look awesome!!! :)

  19. Woman is enviable.
    The beautiful very colorful.

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