Drool Worthy Pins #3


First and foremost, Happy Halloween (and Happy Thursday)!!!  We have no Halloween plans other than handing out candy to the kids in the neighborhood.  It’s always so fun to see the little ones dressed in their costumes!

I’ve done several of these posts so far (you can check them out HERE and HERE), and I’m thinking of making “Drool Worthy Pins” an end of the month feature. They’re so many amazing recipes out there that I want to try, plus, I’d love to share with you what I’ve been pinning lately!  Are you a fan of these drool worthy pins posts?  Do you like the idea of doing an end of the month feature?

I definitely come across lots of yummy recipes this month, so let’s get started…

*The links are embedded in the pictures, so you can easily re-pin them if you want*


Chocolate Bark

Pumpkin Spice Cashew Frosting

Goat Cheese Sugar Cookies

Gluten-Free Snickerdoodle Truffles


Cannellini Bean + Quinoa Burgers

Smoky Butternut Squash Sauce with Pasta and Greens
Garden Ranch Baked Chicken Nuggets

Sweet Potato Soup with Citrus and Chipotle

Baked Falafel

To find out what else I’ve been pinning, follow me on Pinterest.

What pins are you drooling over lately (links welcome)?

Any Halloween plans?

25 thoughts on “Drool Worthy Pins #3

  1. This is a wonderful idea! I started a “last Monday of the month link luv line up” this week too – Great Minds eh ;)
    These pins are awesome – I so badly wanna try Amanda’s snickerdoodle truffles, but am so scared am gonna get addicted! GAH!
    And baked falafel…and sweet potato soup…and the cashew frosting…good golly! Thanks for sharing these! Happy Halloween!

  2. Awwr! Thanks for including me in your list, lady! I actually really love these kind of posts because they help narrow down the options and keep me from feeling overwhelmed by all the amazing recipes out there. I’ve actually gotten pretty lax when it comes to Pinterest because I found I was pinning too much, but actually making too little… it’s just so hard to know where to even start!

    As for my Halloween plans, I might actually try making one of those homemade candy bar recipes that I’ve seen floating around the web. I don’t really get any kids coming around, so I’ll probably just toss in a movie (Nightmare Before Christmas) and enjoy a quiet night.

    • Yup, I totally know what you mean about Pinterest. I pin waaay too much stuff and then get overwhelmed as to what I should make. Believe it or not, these posts help me decide what to make too!

  3. So many great pins. I hadn’t seen those goat cheese sugar cookies floating around quite yet, so I’m quite intrigued by that recipe. Thanks for sharing, Holly! Have a Happy Halloween <3

  4. That chocolate bark from Amy’s blog gets me everytime. I need it!! lol

    -Elise @ 9toFit.com

  5. Oh goodness, I want ALL of those right now. Esp those sugar cookies! Anything with sprinkles gets me every time!

  6. Yummy! The chocolate bark is a must for Christmas! Also, the Sweet Potato soup sounds divine! Thanks for narrowing it down for us!

  7. Double the love?! Thank you Holly you’re the best :)

  8. OH my gosh these look phenomenal, especially that pumpkin soup! And those goat cheese cookies! And everything!! Pinterest is such a trap for me that I try to avoid it at all costs… Even though I have one!

  9. I saw those snickerdoodle truffles and I want them right now! I have a really bad habit of pinning stuff and getting really excited about it, then forgetting to make it. I should definitely take a look at my boards this weekend!

  10. Amanda’s snickerdoodle truffles do look incredible! And those cannelini burgers look pretty tasty too.

  11. Ohhh, I hope you do make this a ‘series’- It really helps sort out the ‘gems’ on pinterest and looses the overwhelming aspect of it!

    I can;t wait to try those felafel!

  12. These all look wonderful! I wish I had stopped by after breakfast. I am not craving many of them.

  13. YUM! Nothing better than starting the day with drool worthy pins! Happy SITS day! :)

  14. These are drool worthy all right. Have a great SITS Day.

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