It’s All About Attitude


Today’s post is one that I wrote as a guest post for Jessie @ Jessie Loves To Run a few months back.  I’m bringing it back today because of all the posts of written over the past 8 months or so, this particular one has resonated with me the most and I think it’s important to share again.

ATTITUDE – how you live your life is all about attitude.  This is a topic that is often on my mind and an area of my life that often needs work depending upon the situation I’m in.

The primary cause of unhappiness is never the ...I used to work with someone who would constantly complain about their life and her woes. They just had an overall negative attitude practically every single day. It wasn’t until I stopped working with this person, that I realized the negativity was bringing me down. Being around someone like that was NOT good for my mental well-being. This experience was a huge eye opener and made me realize that we all feed off of each other. Attitude is contagious, so I do my best to be a happy and positive person as much as possible. Now, I know this isn’t always easy, and believe me, I definitely have days where I’m more of a pessimist depending on what’s going on in my life or my stress level. Luckily those days don’t happen too often, but hey…I’m only human!

So, the question remains…what are some ways to maintain a positive attitude? Well, here are some things that I’ve found to be helpful:

Being Around Positive People

If you’re around others who have a positive and happy attitude, then inevitably their good attitude rubs off on you no matter what your mood is.

Putting Things in Perspective

If I’m experiencing one of those days where I’m just in a crabby mood, I remind myself of all the good things in my life – I think of husband, my family, my friends and my health. These in and of itself always bring a smile to my face. There is so much good in the world and in my life, why wouldn’t I want to put all of my focus into those things!?!

I can complain about what's wrong or I can be ...Exercise

Anytime I feel stressed or am having a rough day, I exercise and by the end of my routine…I’m a new person. It frees my mind of any negativity and clears my head.

Enjoy Nature

Being outside and seeing what beauty there is in this world is definitely a reason to be positive and happy.

Rid Your Life of Negativity

Okay, I know this is easier said than done sometimes, but getting rid of the negativity in your life is a certain way to boost your mood. Trust me…I know from experience! Negativity just brings you down, so I know I just try to stay away from it at all costs.


A positive attitude is a definite boost to your overall well-being. The best way to be is positive and happy not only for your benefit, but for the benefit of others too! Even though life has a way of throwing curve balls, it’s the way we approach the situation that makes all the difference.

So, I’ll leave you with this story that has resonated with me since my mom told it to me — this man came into my mom’s office one day. He was whistling, singing and all smiles. Her co-worker asked him why he was so happy and he said “because my family and I woke-up this morning.” Such a simple concept, but SO true. It’s all about attitude!

What are some ways that you maintain a positive attitude?

Name three things that always brighten your mood.

41 thoughts on “It’s All About Attitude

  1. Loved it then, and love it even more now <3 <3

  2. Great post! I actually needed to see this because lately I have just been in a funk at work and this kind of just made me realize I need to change my attitude when I get there.

    Also attitude is soooo contagious its crazy! I think everything is relative. I remember the day when I did the 5K for Pancreatic Cancer, I dropped my Starbucks on the way there and was SO mad! But then I got there and met some of the people fighting the awful cancer, and I thought to myself I’m freaking out and negative over a coffee and these people are in great spirits and battling cancer!

    Sorry this was a long comment! lol love this post though

    -Elise @

    • Thanks Elise! It totally makes a difference when you just change your attitude and look at things differently and more positively, and then it’s easier to can through difficult situations.

  3. So true, Holly! Attitude can really change everything. There have been countless days where I feel mopey and sad, but if I take the time to think about positivities in my life my mindset starts to change for the better. Exercise does help, too!

  4. I definitely think your happiness has to do with how you look at situations. I once had a friend that was extremely negative and I didn’t realize how much she was rubbing off on me until I was not around her as much. Luckily we do not live in the same area so I don’t have to come up with an excuse not to be around her! :) It sounds bad, but sometimes you have to let go of people who bring you down and do not help you become a better person.

  5. LOVE this post and I totally agree. Attitude is a choice and we can choose to be positive! Sometimes it can be hard to make that choice, but I find that spending some time in nature, seeing friends, and treating myself to something can help to make it easier to turn my frown upside down. :)

  6. Such a great post! Attitude really is everything! I love the tips about exercise, enjoy nature, and rid yourself of negativity. I also know that if I go for a run or go to a pure barre class, I’m going to feel so much better about myself and my life. I also am a big fan of unofficial music therapy. If I’m down, upset, angry, whatever, I make a playlist of songs that resonate with and belt those suckers out until whatever emotion is released and I can go on with my day. Hot showers help as does meditation/visualization/prayer work.

  7. Great post! It really is about a good attitude. I try my best every day to just look at all the positives in my life. Life can get nutty and of course there will just be days of the non-rainbow, non-ponies in the sky kind of days. But instead of taking my problems out on others, or more importantly, the ones we love { which tends to happen more; sad but true}, I try to focus on future stuff.

    Maybe I’m cooking a delicious meal that night, so forget the shit the happened earlier that day. Or maybe I’m seeing a cute movie with hubby later. I try to think that way and forget the ‘past’ stuff. If that makes sense.

    My dog, cupcakes, and a good book cheer me up instantly :)

    • Thanks Dana! I think it’s a great idea to visualize future positive events in your life when your in the midst of a negative situation. This way you can focus on the good to come instead of getting caught up in the bad.

  8. That man’s answer was BRILLIANT. It’s amazing how often we take all of our blessings for granted. Well, amazing in a sad way :?

    I completely agree that everything comes down to attitude. Sure, some situations make it harder to be happy than others, but isn’t that when we should be trying even HARDER to be happy instead of indulging in our bad moods? I think so. A work in progress, to be sure, but one that’s definitely worth putting effort into.

    My three things: being outside, my family, and chocolate ;)

    • Ever since my mom told me about what he said, it totally struck and chord with me and I’ll never forget it. That’s what it’s all about, right!?!

      And yes, I think when were stuck in those difficult situations, that’s the BEST time to change our attitudes. Those times are what makes us stronger.

  9. Love this and completely agree! We can choose how we react to situations, and whether or not to wallow in self-pity or focus on the good in our lives.
    My three things: boyfriend or puppy cuddles, curling up with a good book or magazine, or heading to the gym.

  10. I love this post! These are all good tips to bring to light… and things I need to remember more often. Easier said than done, I suppose, but it is something to strive for.

  11. omg I LOVE that cute little story at the end. It’s so true- waking up with your family and health everyday is a miracle in itself. I can always get better at having a positive attitude and I can never have enough reminders like this to do it.

  12. Love this. So true that a little positivity goes a LONNNNG way!

  13. I am luckily a person who has a naturally positive attitude but some days it does take work. On those days, taking care of myself with a workout and some “me” time, not being hard on myself and keeping perspective gets me back balanced and positive! :)

    • Me time is definitely so important sometimes. I agree, that time can help revaluate the situation and potentially make it easier to deal with when you’ve had time to think about it in a more calming environment.

  14. sooo true! i maintain my positive attitude 3 ways – exercise, chocolate and wine :)

  15. I love this message! I try to remind myself when I’m feeling down that happiness is a choice. Spending time with my man, hugging Coco, and exercise are all things that keep me happy!

  16. Thanks for this post. I struggle with this a great deal…being negative. It’s hard to come out of it. I finally decided enough was enough, but then you have a bad day or a person makes a bad joke that leaves you in a tailspin of negative thoughts. So, thank you for the tips. Exercise is usually my way out of it and strangely enough, cleaning. When I’m angry or down, I just clean and listen to some good music.

  17. Funny that we were discussing something on these terms in the morning. Attitude is everything. Love love this blog post.
    What we were discussing is a true beautiful person is all about what she/he is from inside and all about the attitude.
    Well written girl.

  18. I always think that things could be worse! Three things that brighten my mood is simply seeing someone else smile, my cute and funny ferrets and thinking about my morning workouts that I have come to love!

  19. I love that final story – so very true even though some mornings (cold ones!!) it is hard to remember that at 5:00am!!! Thanks for the reminder!!!

  20. I remember reading this on Jessie’s blog when you guest posted and it resonated with me then as it does now.

    Something I do to brighten my attitude is to think of the future and what possibilities are there- its endless and that can always drum up some hope!

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  22. love thist post. I am really trying to work on positivity lately as I have been feeling very down in recent weeks which is causing a lot of others things to not be right in my life. I am taking this long weekend to try and rebalance things. I am going to take some of your advice and get outside and go for a run and enjoy the peace and quiet!
    I really do hate being around negative people and I have found the same as you that cleanising yourself of being around them makes me feel better bit lately I feel that I am being that person – time to change :)

    • I’ve definitely experienced times like this, so I can definitely sympathize with what you’re going through. I think it’ll help tremendously to do something for yourself and re-group your thoughts. I hope it works out for you and things get better soon!

  23. i’ve tried to teach myself over time that a great way to improve my life is to take control and just DO it and be positive. so much of happiness is in our court, believe it or not! i can definitely relate to being around positive people. one of my coworkers is always reading bummer news stories aloud to the department and i just want to tell her to stop! i already know the world is full of crap and don’t need her reminding me.

  24. Great post! I love reading about women taking charge of their own happiness. YOU are the author of your life…make the story turn out any way you desire!

  25. This is a wonderful reminder! I maintain a positive attitude by having a community of supportive and encouraging friends, expressing gratitude daily, reframing any negative thoughts, and practicing yoga:)

  26. Great post, thank you for writing it! Attitude plays such a big role in my moods and ups an downs. Even though I easily get disappointed or down, if I put it into perspective I should be pretty darn happy!

  27. Wow, what a beautiful post, I am glad you brought it back! You are totally right, I used to be around someone who complained non stop and I would always leave our visits feeling a bit like a truck hit me. And then I changed our visits to be runs in the park, for one we couldnt really talk because we were too tired, and two, the running did wonders for my friends’ attitude!
    So my three things would be, exercise, nature and ridding your life of negative people.
    Thanks for sharing!

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