A Day of Remembrance


Happy Monday and also Happy Veteran’s Day!  Veteran’s Day is and always has been a very special day for me.  I have a number of family members who have served in the military over the years, including my dad.  So, this post is dedicated specifically to my dad, but also to my uncles and any other individuals who served or are serving in the armed forces.  I am eternally grateful and appreciative of your service to our country.

American FlagA little about my dad’s service in the military – he was drafted into the army at the age of 18, was trained and sent to Vietnam to fight in the war.  Life as he knew it would change for him forever after he received that letter in the mail.  He traveled the world, lost many friends and witnessed horrific experiences that no person should ever have to live through.  During his time in Vietnam, he was injured during his service and was awarded the Purple Heart.  As I sit here today typing this post, I still cannot (and never) will be able to fathom what he went through and how brave he was and how seemingly lucky he was to survive such a terrifying ordeal.

A photograph of my dad when he was in Vietnam.

Untitled-1Growing up, my parents always taught my brother and I to respect and honor our military.  As a family, we actively attended meetings for the VFW (Veteran’s of Foreign Wars) and the Military Order of the Purple Heart.  In fact, the four of us would often march in parades on Veteran’s Day (my brother and I would always carry the banner).  I remember being 10 or 12 years old, marching in those parades and witnessing spectators standing, cheering and saluting the veterans as they walked by.  Even at that young age, I remember being deeply moved by this display of camaraderie and respect, and it would always bring tears.  As a result of those experiences, I’m proud to say that I’ve grown into a very patriotic person, and I have a tremendous respect to those who have volunteered their lives in service of our country.

My dad doesn’t know that this post is being published today, so if your reading this now dad, I just want you to know that I love you and I want to thank you for your incredible service.  I am proud of your sacrifice and honored to be your daughter.

No questions for today – it’s a day to remember and pay homage to our brave soldiers.

36 thoughts on “A Day of Remembrance

  1. Your Dad is so lucky to have such a beautiful lady as a daughter. I really enjoyed reading this whole post. Thanks for sharing this chapter of his life with us. Please give him a big Thank You for me will ya!

  2. Happy Veteran’s Day! & a big thank you to your dad and all the other soldiers for their service

    -Elise @ 9toFit.com

  3. Happy Veteran’s Day, Holly! I’m dating a guy who’s serving in the military now, and it’s given me so much more of an understanding s to what these guys go through to keep us safe. They definitely deserve to be recognized for it.

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  5. TOMODATI the strategy of U.S. forces at the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake
    Japanese people are hugging eternal gratitude.
    Happy Veteran’s Day!
    It is a great father for you.

  6. This is such a beautiful post! Thank you to your dad and all those that have served!

  7. Oh what an amazing story of your dad’s service. I have heard many of my grandfathers stories from while he was serving and they always remind me of how much they sacrifice and the horrific scenes they had to witness. Tell your dad thank you!

  8. My father served as a naval doctor, and his stories still amaze me today. It’s an honor to have a father that served our country so well.

  9. Thank you for sharing your dad’s story. After traveling in Northern Vietnam and visiting villages and trekking through the jungle, I feel like I have a much better idea of the scenery of the war and can’t fathom the courage and strength of individuals who fought in it, including some people in my family. It’s always a great time to step back and thank those who have kept us safe.

    • I will Marisa. Thank you! Oh yes, I can’t even imagine what it must of been like. I’m sure you really got a better understanding of the lay of the land. It has to have been a horrific experience.

  10. Just beautiful! It makes it so much more real when those close to us have served/presently serve! Tell your dad thank you!

  11. Such a sweet post! While no one in my immediate family currently serves, I do have a cousin, some now-deceased family members and some family friends, so I get to hear a general idea of what they go through. Definitely a reminder to be grateful to people like your dad!

  12. Great post Holly. It is so important to remember all of those who served and sacrificed their lives. An important day for people all over the world.

  13. This was so sweet Holly. Your dad is such a brave man to live through such horrifying times, as are all of the soldiers that have to endure war. It’s a great time to stop and remember them so thank you for the reminder!

  14. Thank you for this sweet post! I so gratefully appreciate the American soldiers that put their lives on the line for the rest of us. It’s something I would not be brave enough to do. They are special people!

  15. What a wonderful and thoughtful dedication! Please thank your dad for his service, and thank YOU and your family for all your sacrifice to help keep our country safe. <3

  16. This is a great post Holly. We should always remember our veterans who serve our country and keep us safe! Your Dad is a hero.

  17. What a beautiful post!! ANd thank you to your dad for his service! <3

  18. What a thoughtful and beautiful post Holly- I hope your dad does read this- gold.

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  20. Great post. Thanks to your dad and others like him.

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