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Hello, hello! I intended to publish another post for today but to be honest, I chickened out.  It’s more personal than I usually get on the blog, so I guess I’m just not ready to share it quite yet.  We’ll see…maybe one of these days. Soooo…since I needed to come up with another topic on a last minute basis, I thought it’d be fun to do a post about what I’m currently eating, enjoying, watching, etc.  Okay, lets get started!

Currently I’m…counting down the days until Thanksgiving!  I’m already having dreams of turkey, stuffing, my mom’s sweet mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie.  Mmmmm!

Currently I’m…obsessing over this Protein Cookie Dough.  I know, I know, you’ve seen this picture and heard me talking about it like a million times but no lie, it’s SO good and I seriously can’t get enough of it!

Protein Cookie DoughCurrently I’m…loving my Zumba classes!  Boy is it good to be back in action again.  It feels so great to move, sweat and release all that pent up energy from the last several months.

Currently I’m…watching Sons of Anarchy and The Walking Dead.  LOVE these shows!

TV Show CollageCurrently I’m…getting super excited for a week off of work!  Justin and I took off the entire week of Thanksgiving.  Woohoo! We have no big plans, which is just fine in my book.

Currently I’m…wearing scarves practically every single day.  Oh and this doesn’t even take into consideration my winter scarves living in the closest downstairs.  Do you think I have too many!?!  Ummm…okay, maybe I do! ;-)

scarvesCurrently I’m…eating lots of orange foods.  Give me anything related to pumpkin, sweet potatoes and butternut squash, and I’m a happy girl!

Currently I’m…enjoying these spectacular fall sunsets (this was from Tuesday evening)! Mother nature is quite amazing sometimes, huh!?!

Sunset2Okay, now it’s your turn – Currently I’m… 

32 thoughts on “Currently I’m…

  1. SOA – one of the greatest shows! I’m glad you didn’t give away any spoilers for this weeks episode, because Joshua and I are watching it tonight :)

    Currently I’m watching Bobby Flay

  2. Caught up on the walking dead last night.. that show stressing me out! lol but I love it

    -Elise @

  3. SOA is getting BANANAS!! My currently list would pretty much look the same but I don’t do Zombies. They really creep me out. AND…I am sitting on a post that is pretty personal too. I think I am definitely going to post it because people have asked me to write about the topic. I just want to smooth out any emotional rawness.

  4. Currently the only tv I watch is football with the boyfriend on Sundays and UK basketball games. Orange foods always become favorites in the fall, especially sweet potatoes. Yum!

  5. Ahhh me and the hubby watch SOA and Walking Dead religiously! Best 2 shows on TV! This makes me happy that other bloggers watch them too :) Have a great Thursday love!

  6. Ditto on the orange foods — I can’t get enough. I really expected that I’d be a lot more orange by now, but I think I’m still a normal shade, which is a little disappointing because I could really use a tan :lol: And scarves are wonderful… there’s no such thing as having too many :D

  7. Currently I’m… living in the moment :) (oh and eating lots of orange foods and wearing scarves too!) xo

  8. Girl, all of my closets are filled with scarves! I love them and anytime my mother- in- law goes out of town ( she travels a lot!) I get a new one.. I’m not complaining, but my closet is..

  9. working :( Have been finding a ton of scarves I want to buy lately too

  10. Oh goodness, that last episode of the Walking Dead was such a nail biter!! I’m happy with that show right now, for sure.
    And as for the other post that you were thinking about posting – I’ve had personal posts that I’ve second-guessed before, but I’ve never once regretted posting them. If you decide to post it, I’m sure you’ll get a lot of support, whatever it is!

  11. Currently I’m….stuffing my face with lunch!! I’m with ya on the scarves. So warm and adorable!

  12. …jealous of the protein cookie dough! I’m making that as soon as I get home from work today. Looks SO good!


  14. I’m counting down to Thanksgiving too! Only two weeks! Bring. on. the. stuffing.

  15. we are watching the walking dead too, we are obsessed. yesterday we watched like 5 episodes on netflx!! thats what staycations are for right!?

  16. Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday. I’m planning to spend the week in FL with family and friends and nothing makes me happier! What a GORGEOUS sunset. And I’m obsessed with scarves, too!

  17. I admire your ability to watch such shows….biggest chicken here haha. Wow, that is an epic scarf collection. I’m impressed (but not surprised!)

    Currently, I am eating breakfast and blogging… multitasking ;)

  18. Good for you – once you publish something it’s there forever! and everyone can see it! :)
    Currently I’m…loving the show Betrayal! And excited that I just realized that the Hangover 3 and Grown-Ups 2 are On Demand – I gotta get on that!

  19. That protein cookie dough looks so good!!! As for that post you mentioned – go for it girl!!! You’ll be so surprised at the positive support & response you get for being real & just putting yourself out there. I get nervous sometimes still, but then I am just blown away by the support I get from everyone. It’s really amazing & inspiring! :)

  20. This fall I have realized just how beautiful the sunrises and sunsets are….gorgeous!

  21. Walking Dead! Such an amazing show! I watched the first two seasons when visiting friends at the end of last month. I didn’t think I was brave enough to continue watching it alone when I got home from my trip, but I am so in love with the brilliance of the show that I overcame my fear of {most} walker attacks.

    Currently I’m…redesigning/updating my parents’ dining room!

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