MIMM #13 – Christmas Favorites


Happy Monday!!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  I’m linking up with MIMM today, so a big thanks to the Healthy Diva for hosting!

Christmas is fast approaching! Can you believe it’s only 2 and 1/2 weeks away!?!  Yikes! I did some Christmas shopping over the weekend (I’m so behind this year) and Justin and I put up the tree and did some decorating on Saturday (more on that tomorrow).  It’s such a  magical and wonderful time of year, so in the interest of getting into the holiday spirit, I thought it’d be fun to share some of my Christmas favorites with all of you.

My Christmas Favorites

My Favorite Christmas Song

Carol of the Bells. When I was in grade school, I sang this song at my winter concert and ever since then, I’ve always loved it!

My Favorite Christmas Movie

Irving Berlin’s White Christmas. This is a movie I never get tired of – I make a point to watch it every year during the holiday season (sometimes multiple times!).

White_Chrismas_filmMy Favorite Childhood Christmas Book

The Night Before Christmas. My mom used to read this book to my brother and I when were little around the holiday season. I can still recite the entire story from memory.

Christmas BookMy Favorite Christmas Cookie

My grandma’s Ricotta Cookies. These are another one of those foods that would be made during the holiday season only. This picture is from last year when my mom and I made them together. Sorry about the poor quality of the pic (it was taken with the old camera), but essentially the base of the cookie is ricotta cheese with a powder sugar icing topped with some sprinkles. They’re a very cake-like cookie, but SO delicious.

Ricotta CookiesMy Favorite Christmas Candy

Melty Mints. Oh man, how I love these candies…so addicting!

melty-red-green-bulkMy Favorite Christmas Tree Ornament

The first Christmas after Justin and I got married, I bought this ornament at Hallmark. It’s a great reminder of our first Christmas as a married couple!

OrnamentMy Favorite Christmas Decoration

This is a very special decoration to me, as my dad bought it for me in 1992 (I was 9 years old at the time). He inscribed the bottom and saved it for me to put in my house for Christmas.

SantaMy Favorite Christmas Theme

I absolutely love snowmen. This is a very tiny version of my rather large snowman collection.  They’re just too darn cute – I can’t resist!

SnowmenOkay, now it’s your turn…

Favorite Christmas song?
Favorite Christmas movie? 
Favorite Christmas cookie?
Favorite Christmas theme?

55 thoughts on “MIMM #13 – Christmas Favorites

  1. Ricotta cookies? Interesting… send me some? Canada is so effing boring when it comes to food. It’s just butter tarts, sugar cookies and… I can’t think of anything else.

    Favorite Christmas song? I’m not sure? I’m going to say none of them, because they always get stuck in my head.
    Favorite Christmas movie? Bad Santa! “would you like me to make you a sandwich?” ahahaha. Oh! And Home Alone 2
    Favorite Christmas cookie? SHORTBREAD!!!
    Favorite Christmas theme? Anything rustic – especially birds

  2. I love those candies, my mom always gets them. As soon as I have one I can’t stop eating them! And my favorite Christmas song has always been the Little Drummer Boy

    -Elise @ 9toFit.com

  3. Awwww such a fun post!!!! Love all your christmas favorites!!

    My favorite christmas cookies are peanut butter blossoms, favorite song is little drummer boy, and favorite christmas ornament would be our Maui one from our honeymoon!

  4. Awwr I love this post! I seriously may have to steal the idea when we get a little closer to Christmas (which I honestly can’t believe is coming up so quickly!)

    Favourite song: Oh Holy Night
    Favourite movie: Elf!
    Favourite cookie: chewy chocolate gingerbread cookies
    Favourite theme: I’m with you — snowmen are adorable!

  5. This is a great Christmas survey! My favorite Christmas movie is Elf! I can’t decide on the others yet…

  6. You always find the best surveys – this one is no exception. I’ve never heard of Irving Berlin’s White Christmas before. I suppose I should look for it on iTunes & add it to our list of Christmas movies to watch this holiday season.

    Favorite Movie: Elf
    Favorite Cookie: PB Blossoms

  7. Ahh my mom is also obsessed with snowmen–I’d say I also like snowmen but also reindeer. Fav movie? Elf or Christmas Vacation. Cookie? Cut out cookies. My family decorates them with icing and choc chips and M&Ms and anything else you can think of. Fav song? Ummmm probably something by NSYNC just because I find it amusing haha

  8. Christmas Song: The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)
    Christmas Movie: Home Alone, it is so funny! Never gets old! Love the music too!
    Christmas Cookie: We always make peanut butter cookies and stick hersey kisses in the middle, eating them warm is my favorite dessert ever!
    Christmas theme: Stars, they are such a great symbol for the Christmas season.

  9. Favorite christmas movie is Christmas Vacation! Favorite christmas cookies are my grandma’s snowball cookies. Favorite christmas theme is anything winter white – I can’t get enough : ) And as for song, man that’s a hard one. I must confess that I do definitely blast Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas quite a bit in the house! lol

  10. Carol of the Bells is one of my favorites too, but for playing on a clarinet, not so much singing :P Eventually our whole section had it memorized in high school and could just watch the director the entire time instead of looking down at our sheet music. Such a catchy tune. I’m not sure if I could pick a favorite one to sing… But I guess I will have to, because I’m going to steal this survey from you if that’s alright!

    We have a very large snowmen collection at home too!

    All that I can say for movies is that Elf is one of my least favorite, only topped maybe by The Christmas Story. Now, would I watch them both? Yes. I cannot say no to a Christmas movie, no matter what it is, but there is just something a little irritating about Will Ferrell in general.

    • Oh yes, of course you can steal the survey! So, it looks like Elf is quite the popular choice for favorite Christmas movie. And guess what…I’ve never seen it! I know, crazy!!! I need to change that asap!

  11. Love this post! How fun :) I’m tend to be indecisive, but I’m going to try to answer these questions.

    Favorite Christmas song? I like many, but probably Mariah Carey’s O’ Holy Night
    Favorite Christmas movie? Christmas Vacation! Home Alone 1 and 2 and Elf are favorites too
    Favorite Christmas cookie? Honestly not sure…I always love me some good ol’ oatmeal chocolate chip, but those aren’t Christmas-y!
    Favorite Christmas theme? I’m a snowman girl as well.

  12. Ahh I’m now officially in the Christmas spirit! So many fun things here.
    Favourite song: I agree with Carol of the Bells. Look up the Trans Siberian orchestra and the Pentatonix versions for some good ones!
    movie: The Holiday or Polar Express!
    Cookie: that’s hard to say because I make different ones each year = but anything that combines chocolate and mint tends to be a winner for me.
    theme: Santas!

  13. I love snowmen, my bathroom downstairs is decorated in it :) My favorite christmas movie is elf or national lampoons christmas vacation, hilarious! I wish I had a unique christmas cookie that we made every year but I usually make cake balls, thats my traditional holiday treat!

  14. Elf is by far my favorite movie period!! Used to love melty mints. This year I found a candle at Whole Foods that smells just like them…heavenly!!

  15. I have been having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit lately because we been running around all over the place, but I love this post! My favorite Christmas movie is Home Alone. We watch it every single year!

  16. i just forgot about melty mints until now! um, yes, must replenish!

  17. What a fun post!
    My favorite Christmas theme – Santas!!!
    I think my favorite Christmas song is “O Holy Night.”

  18. Carol of the bells is my favorite too!!! I used to play piano when I was younger (a skill I really want to pick up again, it makes me sad that I quit) and I had this awesome version of Carol of the bells. I had it memorized I played it so much. Then a few years after I hadn’t played it in a while, I couldn’t find the sheet music for it again. So sad!

  19. My fave song is “Last Christmas” by Wham. It always makes me laugh when my friends and I scream out the song lyrics! Movie – A Muppets Christmas Carol..adorable. Cookie – There’s just so many it’s hard to pick one!! ” :)

  20. I absolutely ADORE the movie White Christmas. I’ve asked a number of people if they have seen it, but I guess due to the nature of how old it is, many pass right over it. Classic Christmas and who doesn’t love Bing?

  21. Your snowmen are adorable! Now I want one.

    I think you should post your grandma’s ricotta cookie recipe. Those sound fantastic and so unique!

    I think my favorite Christmas movie would have to be “It’s a Wonderful Life”. It’s a classic!

  22. Oh geebuz you’d think I was the scrooge of blog world- I’m just not really that into Christmas. I love how your family have traditions (like you showed with thanksgiving and your grandma’s soup) – The ricotta cookies look amazing- and those mints…you guys really have the best stuff!

  23. I’ve never made ricotta cookies, but my friend’s mom always made them when we were younger, and I absolutely loved them. I love all these posts about Christmas that I’m seeing!

  24. My fav Christmas movie, hands down!, is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – I think I can recite the entire movie by heart! It’s hysterically amazing! And that ornament is adorable!

  25. Yum! Those ricotta cookies look good!! My favorite x-mas cookie has always been the PB Blossom. :)

  26. My favorite Christmas movie is Elf… it cracks me up every single time I watch it!

  27. I love this, Holly! Could I maybe “steal” the questions for my own blog post this next week?!

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