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Happy, happy Friday friends! We got about 5 inches of snow on Tuesday and now tomorrow, we’re expecting more snow and ice. Hello winter!!! So, it looks like it’ll be one of those weekends where we just buckle down, stay home and get nice and cozy in the house. Oooooh…actually it sounds like a perfect weekend to do some baking, don’t you think!?! :-) Also, I really, really need to do some wrapping. I mean…Christmas is right around the corner!

Anyway, on today’s Power Foods Friday, we’re talking almonds. Almonds are by far my favorite go-to afternoon snack. Oftentimes around 3 p.m., my stomach starts to grumble and  I have a hard time concentrating. I find that a handful of almonds (sometimes combined with an apple or another piece of fruit) gets me out of that funk and holds me over until dinnertime. I make sure to keep them in my desk at work or in my purse at all times. I love them raw and roasted. I also buy slivered almonds a lot and add them to my Greek yogurt bowls, to baked goods, oatmeal and I even throw them in my morning smoothies.

Pumpkin Maple Roasted Almonds

I’ve blogged about these before, but they’re SO good and definitely worth mentioning again!

AlmondsIn moderation, of course, almonds do have some fantastic health benefits. Take a look…

Well, that’s all for today. Hope you all have a great weekend and I’ll see you next week! :-)


How’s the weather in your neck of the woods?
What’s your favorite way to eat almonds?
Any plans for the weekend?
Totally random question…do know of any healthy breakfast casserole recipes? I’ve been looking for a different breakfast option for during the week and a I think a casserole would fit the bill.

44 thoughts on “Heart Healthy Almonds

  1. I got the same snow as you (haha NJ) and even though we got Tuesday off from school this week has seemed so long…cold…and miserable. Ugh I just need Winter break ASAP!
    I love almonds! I eat them raw and unsalted. But I also get my almond fixes with unsweetened almond milk and lovely almond butter :) All day everyday!

    • My office hardly ever closes for snow and I had to drive in that morning. OMG…the roads were horrendous. It was SO scary! I’m with you on winter break! I have some vacation coming up at the end of this month and I can’t wait!!!

  2. I LOVE almonds. I eat them practically everyday whether tossed in my salad or just as a snack on the side. I’ll definitely need to check out that recipe!

  3. LOVE almonds! Maybe not so much on their own, but definitely in their buttery form ;) And it’s a balmy -19C here at the moment, but it’s supposed to go up to around freezing by tomorrow, so hopefully that’ll actually end up happening since I’ll be headed to the mountains and I’d rather not expose myself to the risk of frostbite :lol:

    Happy Friday, lady!

    • Oh my goodness…that’s freezing!!! I seriously don’t know if I could even go outside in those temperatures. I’d probably turn into an ice sculpture as soon as I walked out the door! Ha!

  4. It’s hot here in Brisbane and doesn’t feel like like Christmas whatsoever. I actually miss the snow and frosty weather this time of year!
    I’m also a huge fan of almonds. I eat them almost every day. I also like to add them (or walnuts) to my oats.
    I think in my life I’ve only made one breakfast casserole (a Best of Bridge variety). It was delish, but definitely not healthy. I suggest a quiche, as they are sooo simple but will last several days!

  5. MMMM! I love the sounds of these. Maple anything makes my heart sing… but, then again, I’m Canadian, so that’s a given. ;)

    My fav way to enjoy them is in almond butter form.

    Have a great weekend, love! :)

  6. Always thank you!
    There are almond and American wisdom Lee in my garden, but is still a 3-year-old child.

  7. Ohh pumpkin maple almonds?! Those sound great! Almonds are also my favorite afternoon snack–I always have a bag on my desk for when I inevitably get hungry around 4 pm. My favorite way to eat almonds is either raw or chocolate covered :) And the weather here in Pittsburgh is cold but not snowy so that’s good!

  8. I’m driving to Utah this weekend and trying to decide when to leave! I’d like to avoid the craziness of a full-blown storm. Decisions, decisions!

  9. Have you tried the salt and vinegar almonds by Blue Diamond? They are SO awesome. I also really love their coconut flavor!

  10. Those almonds sound awesome! I don’t usually snack on almonds by themselves, but I love them as a yogurt or cottage cheese topping or in butter form. Although Blue Diamond Coconut almonds are sooo good.
    And I can currently see snow falling from my window, so definitely feel you on the winter weather! ;-)

  11. Have fun in that snow and ice! And be careful if you have to trek out into it. Ours is finally melting away from the big ice storm we had last weekend.
    I LOVE almonds but I am allergic and they make me so sick. It’s terrible :-/

  12. I’m totally jealous that you guys have had snow – I want some so bad!! And yes on the Christmas wrapping – I need to do that and address my Christmas cards this weekend! Happy Friday Holly!

  13. I LOVE almonds! I buy the roasted salted almonds in a huge container from Costco and snack on them at least once a day! They’re also great in a trail mix!

  14. We had snow literally couple of days ago. It lay week, I and my friends already were going to descend to go skating… And here BOOM! everything thawed in a night! I long couldn’t believe in it, seriously. Now here, in St. Petersburg (hello from Russia! ) very much damp and pools continually. Oh, I can complain of weather infinitely.
    Certainly, I love almonds! But I always add any fruit or yogurt when I eat it – the handful of almonds doesn’t leave me full for a long time.

    • So glad you stopped by Marina!!! Isn’t it crazy how that happens sometimes!?! One day there’s snow on the ground and the next day…nothing! And can totally see why you’d be annoyed seeing as you had plans. Maybe you’ll get more soon!

  15. it’s finally about freezing here! thank goodness cause i was so cold! stay warm! and thanks for the lovely info. I love almonds for this very reason!

  16. I love almonds and I love your Friday posts- always so informative! I love roasted salted almonds- I do miss the flavoured ones in the US though!

    I actually made a breakfast casserole dish last weekend for a brunch- it was pretty healthy- apricot halves, apples baked with a almond butter, rolled oats, vanilla protein powder crumble on top! I’ve also done a Greek style quiche before? I’m going to post the breakfast crumble one on Wednesday but can send you through either of them earlier if you’d like :)

  17. Your snowy weekend at home sounds kind of nice. Yes, perfect for baking!

    I love almonds as well and try to put some on my salad every week.

  18. I love almonds! And they’re actually the only nut I’m not allergic to, so that’s makes me pretty happy. I got a bunch (like a huuuuge bag full) of Blue Diamond almonds at HLS, and those have been my favourite way to eat them lately. Except I’m down to my last pack and we don’t get all the flavours here in Canada, so I’m a little bummed. :P

  19. Send your snow to Texas! It’s 80F here today! I love almonds. They seem so Christmasy to me for some odd reason. I had honey roasted almonds on a salad the other day, and they were to die for! Hope you are having a lovely holiday season! :)

  20. I’m obsessed with almonds – I literally eat a handful every single day. Even though their delicious by themself, I love them in raw desserts best.

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