Totally Random Bits of Info #6


Time for some Thinking out Loud a.k.a. Totally Random Bits of Info. Thanks to Amanda for creating this awesome link-up!

1. On New Year’s Day, I received an email that my application had been accepted to be a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador! It was such an awesome surprise and a perfect way to start off 2014! I’m definitely psyched to be part of the GGS community and I’ve already connected with some great people!

Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador Badge

2. Is it summer yet!?! I’m totally over the snow and freezing cold weather! We’ve had single digit days/nights with windchill values in the negative. Brrrr!!!

3. In a continuing effort to clean up my diet, I recently purchased coconut aminos. I really like soy sauce (especially in marinades), so I was happy to see that this was a healthier alternative. I haven’t received it yet, but when I do, I’ll definitely let you know how I like it.

Coconut Aminos4. I’ve come to the conclusion that adding dry red wine is definitely key to a delicious and tasty red sauce. Whether I’m using crushed tomatoes (and add my own seasonings) or a pre-jarred sauce, I always add about a 1/4 cup of it to the sauce and let it simmer for a good half-hour. The red wine gives the sauce such a nice flavor!

5. Over the holiday break, I found out that I won the Fiber Love Bar giveaway from Jessie Loves To Run! I was SO excited to try out these bars, as I’ve never had them before. I got to try out all 8 flavors and I was really happy with them. My favorite flavor was Chocolate Brownie. So yummy!

6. Since I had such great feedback from all of you on yesterday’s post, I’m most definitely going to make recipe reviews more of a regular thing on EGBG! I’m super excited and can’t wait to try out another new recipe, which will probably be this weekend! ;-)

7. I realized this a little late, but this past Tuesday, I hit 200 posts published! :-)

8. I received a Kohl’s gift card for Christmas, so over the break I bought a Tek Gear Reversible Fleece Jacket. It’s super soft and with it being so cold outside, I’ve been wearing it all the time. It’s SO warm and cozy, and pretty much amazing!

Presentation19. Last night I participated in my first ever Twitter chat hosted by Lands’ End and co-hosted by Courtney @ Sweet Tooth Sweet Life – #GetActive. It was pretty intense since my feed was blowing up and I had a little trouble keeping up, but I had a blast! I even won some prizes – this duffel bag and this beach towel. So unexpected, but SO exciting! :-)

10. Annnnd because I can’t think of anything else, I’m just going to say Happy Thursday!!!

Have you ever tried coconut aminos?
Is it ridiculously cold in your area?
Have you ever participated in a Twitter chat?
Tell me something totally random.

46 thoughts on “Totally Random Bits of Info #6

  1. あけまして おめでとうございます!!!
    This is what Japanese is should be between the New Year.
    Holidays in Japan.
    On the morning of the New Year’s day,
    the whole family get together and wish one
    another good health and to celebrate
    the coming of a new year by drinking a special kind of rice wine
    called otoso.
    The dishes,we prepare for the New Year’s holidays
    are called osechi.
    Most Japanese visit Shinto shrines or Buddist temples.
    We pray to the deities that we will live safely through the
    coming year.
    These New Year visits to shrines and temples are called hatsumode.
    We, adults give otoshidama-a New Year’s present-
    to children. In most cases, it’s money.
    This is thought as a gift from the gods to encourage
    children to do their best.
    いつも ありがとう。感謝!!!

  2. yay for your new ambassadorship! you are a perfect fit! and 200 posts! good stuff on thursday, love your news! Enjoy the duffle bag- SO COOL!

  3. I haven’t tried coconut aminos, to expensive for me 😜 something totally random is I can’t wait to have some egg white oats after a frustrating workout!

  4. Ooo so many exciting thoughts today! Congrats on the GGS acceptance and on reaching 200 posts! Definitely some awesome milestones right there :) And yay for winning prizes from Twitter chats! I only ever participated in one, and while it was definitely overwhelming, it introduced me to some awesome new people too. I should actually probably start doing more of them.

    Happy Thursday, Holly!

  5. So many congrats – on the GGS accpetance, on 200 posts, on winning some awesome prizes…yay!
    As for Twitter chats, I’ve done one before and it was pretty fun. Definitely a tad overwhelming though!

  6. Congrats on the acceptance, how exciting :) I’ve never particpated in a Twitter chat, mainly because I don’t have Twitter, I know, I definitely need to get on the bandwagon!

  7. I participated in my first Twitter chat when I moved.. it gave me some great people to follow on Twitter to find out what’s going on in my new area!

  8. I LOVE coconut aminos! I’m actually doing a review soon, so good! I even take the bottle with me when we go to sushi :-) Congrats on Girls Gone Sporty! You’re going to love it!

  9. I’ll be interested to hear how you like coconut aminos! Congrats on everything else and have an amazing day!

  10. Congrats on the ambassadorship!!

    Have you ever tried coconut aminos?
    * I’ve never even heard of such a thing.

    Is it ridiculously cold in your area?
    * Not any more. It was -10 when I headed out to work on Tuesday. Not ok.

    Have you ever participated in a Twitter chat?
    * I haven’t. No internet at home means using on my phone & that just seems way too complicated.

    Tell me something totally random.
    * I just got my hands on a chocolate chip banana oat muffin that I can’t wait to try!! And if it’s yummy it will be posted on my blog next week.

  11. Congratulations on becoming a GGS ambassador. You are an awesome fit my dear! Im so happy you are enjoying those fiber bars. I’ve never tried the coconut aminos before, but have always wanted too. Can’t wait to hear how you like it & see recipes you come up w/ :)

  12. It’s SO cold here. Trying to get excited to go for a run tonight. It’s not working.

  13. Obviously, good luck with you! I many times participated in various the rokhygrashakh, but never won anything. Though isn’t present – once I received a red clownish nose in a sure-fire lottery :D

  14. I have been using Bragg’s Liquid Aminos and I LOVE it!! I actually prefer it to soy sauce.

  15. Welcome to Girls Gone Sporty!!! :)

  16. It is sooo cold here too! Whenever I’m home I sit with a giant blanket wrapped around me since I just can’t warm up! And lots of hot tea!!

  17. I can’t wait to hear how you like the Coconut Aminos! I bought some at WF a while ago as a soy replacement (I thought I had a soy intolerance) and I felt like I had to use a lot of it get the same flavor.

  18. You’ll have to let me know your thoughts on the coconut aminos! I use braggs but I’m intrigued! You can borrow some of the heat- 30 DEGREES today, 40 this weekend … (I’m guessing close to high 90’s in Farenheit?)

    Nice job on winning those prizes! Forgot to ask, are you liking the Sunbutter? Already excited to see what pins you come up with tomorrow ;)

    • I’ll definitely do a review on the coconut aminos once I have a chance to give it a try! OMG…send that heat my way please!!!

      I absolutely love the sunbutter!!! It’s seriously amazing! I’d like to do an energy bite recipe with it in the near future.

      I’ve got some good pins for you tomorrow! FYI…don’t view it on an empty stomach! ;-)

  19. Yay for being a girls gone sporty ambassador! I hope you like the coconut aminos. I picked some up awhile ago and have been eating it mixed with my scrambled eggs. I know it sounds strange but it’s pretty good!

  20. Coconut Aminos are awesome! You will love it in your sauces, especially in paleo recipes :)

    Yum. GNU bars… I loved their blueberry flavor in the old version but haven’t tried their remakes for a few years now. The chocolate brownies sounds delicious.

    Congrats on #7.

    And how neat about the twitter chat! I opened my fitness magazine yesterday to see Courtney’s ad in there and thought that was just the coolest to recognize a blogger like that :)

  21. What a fun post! Sounds like 2014 is off to a great start for you! I LOVE winter, but I’m actually finding that I’m missing the warmer temps because I kind of actually sorta miss jogging. So weird! Haha! I know I could do it in the cold weather, but I’m not that hardcore yet. ;) And Twitter chats are so hard to keep up with!! I feel ya on that for sure.
    Coming over from SITS and your comment on my 5K post! :)

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