Totally Random Bits of Info #7


It’s that time again…bring on the randomness! A big shout out and thanks to Amanda for hosting!

1. I was thinking the other day, that I totally owe you all a recipe. It’s been waaaay too long! PROMISE…I’ll have a new one (actually two) for you next week to make up for lost time, k!?!

2. Very green bananas and avocados = a long time before I can eat them! :-( There wasn’t much choice at the grocery store, so it was this or nothing. I hate when that happens!

Banana Avocado3. I’m definitely the type of person who runs on the cold side. I’m always cold! No matter winter or summer, I’m typically wrapped in a blanket or wearing layers. I actually have a space heater under my desk at work and it runs all day no matter what time of year.

4. I purchased these bento lunchboxes from Amazon last week. I’ve gotten a chance to use them for lunch this week and so far I’m loving them!

Bento Box5. This past Friday, Justin and I along with my brother and a friend went out to dinner at one of our favorite local restaurant. Justin and Russ ordered a frog leg appetizer. They were literally the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen! I couldn’t even take a pic! I have a feeling you would have been as grossed out as me if you saw them. How they ate them…I don’t even know!!!! Yuck!

6. I’ve been wearing these boots ALL the time. Of all the boots I have (and I have a lot), they’re my absolute favs! I bought them about 3 years ago from the Bass outlet store. The faux fur is super soft and they’re SO comfy. I love them…like I’m literally in love with them! ;-)

SelfieAnnnnd…just in case you love them as much as me, here’s a closer look!

Fav Boots7. Oh yeah, so see that outfit above? Well, that’s pretty much the type of weekend outfit I’ve been living in this winter. As far as I’m concerned, boots and leggings are where it’s at this season!

8. Aren’t you proud of me Arman and Amanda!?! I did a selfie!!! This is probably the 2nd one I’ve done since I started blogging!

9. I just realized the other day that Justin and I have three weddings to go to this year – one for a friend and the other two are for Justin’s cousins. Aaaand, I’m already thinking about what to wear! ;-)

10. I’m SO ready for Friday! It’s been quite the week at work! One more day…yippee!!!

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?
What’s your go-to weekend outfit?
Tell me something totally random.

41 thoughts on “Totally Random Bits of Info #7

  1. Girl, you are gorgeous & those boots look uber comfortable & warm. I’ve actually tried frog legs….and liked them. Sometimes the weirdest things taste awesome. Try em next time

  2. You are not alone on the always being cold front! The only way I consider it to even be “warm” is if it is at least 85 degrees haha! I have to bundle up all day everyday!

  3. I totally agree boots and leggings are the weekend outfit!

  4. Awwr there’s that gorgeous face! :D And I couldn’t agree more about the boots and leggings — definitely the way to go. OH! And the green bananas/avocados… omigosh the absolute bane of my existence. My favourite grocery store is especially bad for it… I’ve actually had to start planning in advance and stocking up on green bananas so they’ll have enough time to ripen at home while I still have lots of other bananas to eat. Have you ever tried any of the ripening tricks? Apparently you can pop them in the oven for a little while and it’ll make them ripen almost immediately…

  5. Yeah I probably would’ve passed on the frog legs. But those boots are super cutee

  6. My dress on all days off – a pajamas. It is the best clothes! Actually, during week-end I prefer to stay at home – on the street too cold ;)

  7. There is noting more sad in life than a green banana…sigh…
    On the plus side, loving the bento boxes and the boots! Totally living in the boots/ leggings combo at the moment too!
    Oh and I am the same as you, always cold, even more of a reason to go for a workout, to warm up!

  8. Those boots look so cozy and very Canadian winter appropriate. :D

    Yay, selfies! I need to get better at posting more selfies. That sounds so narcissistic, but whatever. The weirdest thing I’ve ever ate is sea urchin and I HATED IT. Seriously gross/should not be food.

  9. Man, I need to get to some outlets to look for boots because I desperately need some! Yours are adorable. And how frustrating is finding only green avocados at the store? While it’s ripening at home all I can think of is guacamole and avocado on toast!

  10. Can I just say that I have MAJOR hair envy? Like, seriously, your locks are absolutely gorgeous hahah! And those boots? JEALOUS X 35827!

    Green bananas are the worst thing ever. I’m one of those people who like it when they’re more ripe (not even just yellow, with some brown spots too) and I’m impatient to boot haha! I hear there are some ways to quicken up the ripening process though.

    Have a fabulous day <3

  11. Lady. you are beautiful! And in the winter, there is nothing better than the boots/legging combo. So cozy!
    I’ve never eaten frog’s legs, but I totally would. What can I say, I’m adventurous! ;-)

  12. Love those boots! As a NoDak resident, I’ve become more than a little obsessed with them! I’m so in live with leggings and boots that I’m even looking for snowflake ones because… Well, because I NEED them! Ha! Great selfie!

  13. Lately my everyday outfit is yoga pants and a cozy fleece top of some sort – classy all the way here!!!
    Not sure I could do the frog legs even though everyone always says they taste like chicken.

  14. My go to weekend outfit is definitely leggings and a sweatshirt. I’m all about comfort!

  15. I’m surprised you’ve only taken 2 selfies. That’s actually a good thing I think!

    What did the guys think of the frog legs?

  16. It totally gets on my nerves when grocery stores only have unripe fruit – what if I want a banana nowwwww? ;) And frog legs, I’ve tried them and they taste okay but there is barely any meat so they’re not worth it in my opinion!

  17. I get seriously SO sad when the grocery store only has green bananas. I always buy extra when I find yellow/somewhat ripe ones JUST IN CASE they don’t have ripe ones the next time I go back! ;)

  18. Ugh, the avocados by us have been the same way! It totally bums me out – especially when I really need one for a meal! And I’m always cold too … my hands sometimes get so cold at my desk! I’ve considered buying a pair of those fingerless glove things … haha Although I would probably look pretty strange…

  19. I’ve had an avocado sitting in my fridge for 10 days and it’s STILL not ripe! so frustrating! haha. Also I really want to get a bento lunch box those are so cool! Good to know they sell them on Amazon (what DON’T they sell on Amazon?)

  20. Let’s just say that lucky I think you are awesome (not the mention 2 recipes coming up next week) for insulting frogs legs…I’m starting to think when I come visit the States and hopefully have a blogger meetup , It might have to be with Justin instead. ;)

    Strangest thing I’ve ever eaten- Black pudding. Google it. It’s name is false advertising at it’s finest.

    • haha! You should of seen my face when they brought them to the table! This was me…”Oh my gosh…gag…oh my gosh!” Justin was like “Calm down Holly!” lol It was quite a sight!

      Okay…I just Googled black pudding! You ate that!?! Ummm…ewwww! False advertising is an understatement! Yikes!

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