WIAW #31 – Superbowl Sunday


Good morning! Happy Hump Day and Happy WIAW! Today I’m sharing my eats (from start to finish) from Superbowl Sunday! Thanks to Jenn for hosting this awesome link-up!

Sunday was a very lazy day for us. We had no plans and other than doing some cooking for the week and the usual cleaning, we had nothing else going on.


Yup, I had pancakes again! I’ve blogged about these particular ones before – you can check out the details HERE. Aaaand no, I didn’t eat the entire stack! ;-)

OMG PancakesA.M. Snack

On Saturday I had whipped up a batch of Lindsay’s Quinoa Breakfast Bars. These are delicious, quite hearty and were perfect as a pre-workout snack.

Quinoa BarMy workout ended up being a sweaty one – my fav! I wanted to work my upper body and I wanted to do some low impact cardio, so I turned to one of my favorite Shoulders & Biceps workout (I used 8 and 10 lb weights), and interspersed each set with 10 minutes on the elliptical. So it went something like this…5 minute elliptical warm-up, shoulders & biceps, 10 minutes elliptical, shoulders & biceps, 10 minutes elliptical, shoulders & biceps, 10 minutes elliptical, shoulders & biceps and 5 minute elliptical cool-down.


After my workout I was starving, and I had some produce in the fridge to use up before it went bad, so I put together a breakfast sweet potato hash topped with a fried egg. In the mix…sweet potato, red onion, diced pimentos, pieces of Ezekiel bread toast and fresh parsley sauteed in Ghee. It turned out to be super tasty!

Breakfast HashP.M. Snack

Same as my morning snack!

Dinner/Superbowl Eats

Justin and I weren’t hosting a Superbowl party this year and we weren’t attending one, but we didn’t want to miss out on the delicious food (although some of it wasn’t necessarily the traditional Superbowl eats), so here’s a look at what we had.

Superbowl Collage

Of course we had to have something sweet, so we snacked on some donuts I had made earlier in the day. I bought a donut pan last week and luckily, it arrived in the mail on Saturday, so I was very excited to give it a try, seeing as I never made donuts before. They turned out pretty darn tasty for my first time! And in case you were wondering, I used THIS recipe.

Choc DonutsI don’t love football, but I don’t hate it either, so I was present for most of the game – at least in the physical sense. ;-) I may have called my mom, went on my computer and fell asleep for the last half-hour of it, which may have not made Justin too happy, but hey…I tried!

Oh, and the NuNaturals GIVEAWAY is still open, so click HERE for all the info!

What’s your favorite upper body workout?
Have you ever made your own donuts?
Did you watch the Superbowl?

53 thoughts on “WIAW #31 – Superbowl Sunday

  1. I would never of thought to add ezekiel bread to your lunch dish. Such a good idea. Now I want to make a sweet version w/ the cinnamon raisin. Perhaps sweet potatoes, pb, egg, cinn raisin ezek & peanut butter? :)

  2. Hello! !
    OMOTENASHI from Japan! There are a lot of great things from the perspective of foreigners also a matter of course for the Japanese.


  3. Gah! I missed your pancake post while I was away on vacation, but you’re -killing- me with that picture and seriously making me regret having oats for breakfast. I think pancakes for dinner are definitely going to happen. And I didn’t exactly -watch- the Superbowl, but I was over at my parents’ and my dad had it on so I managed to catch bits and pieces of it here and there. Apparently it wasn’t all that exciting of a game, but the team I was rooting for won so… yay! But the only reason I was rooting for them was because Seattle is the home of Starbucks :lol:

    • I had an unexpected snow day today, so I got to make pancakes for breakfast again this a.m.!! I was SO happy about that!

      You want to know why I rooted for the Seahawks!?! Well…it was because I liked their uniforms. LOL! Not too far off from the Starbucks thing! Ha!

  4. I love those kinds of meals where you throw a bunch of leftovers/produce in a bowl, dress it up a bit, and it turns out great :)

  5. I have made donuts but had to make more of of timbit style (I don’t have a donut pan) but I tried out Taylormadeitpaleo.com peachy donuts and they were fantastic!

  6. What? You didn’t eat the entire stack? Why not?

    I want some quinoa bars – mail me some? I’m so incredibly lazy in the kitchen right now.

  7. I reaaaally really want some homemade donuts!! They look so fabulous :)

    Thanks for the link love!

  8. I love how you had Doritos – And in Nacho Cheese! They used to have a Dill flavour that was always my favourite, although Nacho Cheese was number 2 on my list. And I have a donut pan but I never break it out…maybe I’ll have to make some donuts for next week.

  9. YUM! You have sooo many flavors going on there which is the best way to snack!

  10. OOOMG give me those wings right now!! Or the pancakes–I’d take either :) Favorite upper body workout may be tricep pull downs or push ups. They are both challenging so I feel like I’m really working my arms when I do them!

  11. Looks like delicious eats!

  12. Ugh I’ve been hankering for a glazed chocolate doughnut this last week and that photo just pushed me to my limit lol. I need them. That sweet potato hash looks great, too!! I did watch the Super Bowl, but ya know, while surfing Pinterest on my phone. Halftime was made for me though. I looooooooooove RHCP and Bruno Mars was fabulous. :D

  13. I haven’t had breakfast yet and now I want pancakes instead of what I made…

  14. That sweet potato hash with a fried egg sounds so so good! I kinda want to go make a second breakfast right now … haha. I need to go grocery shopping and my sad piece of toast I had for breakfast just isn’t cutting it!

  15. I love it when a bunch of leftovers put together makes a delicious dish! That lunch looks so yummy. :)

  16. Love the doughnuts that you made! I really need a baked doughnut pan. So genius and delicious for many different creations!

  17. Oh wow that smoked sausage looks soooo tasty!

  18. Not gonna lie, I probably WOULD have eaten that entire stack of pancakes…or at least made an attempt at it! ;)

  19. Interestingly enough I love doing upper body weight training. I think too many women stay away from it because they think they are going to get bulky or simply find it intimidating. My favorite upper body is shoulders! I’ve never made my own donuts. Did you bake them or fry?

  20. Yum, sometimes those throw-together-to-use-up-what’s-in-the-fridge meals are the best! I’d love to make a sweet potato hash like that!

  21. Um ok, that sweet potato concoction thing looks AMAZING!!

  22. Chicken wings!!!!! I think they are whole30 approved…..which is amazing because chicken wings are amazing. And I spy roasted potatoes!!! Ah, I should just move in already.

    • Yes, chicken wings are SO good! Probably the glaze on them wouldn’t be Whole 30 approved (honey and orange jelly), but I’m sure we could figure something out. Oh and, I knew you’d approve with the potatoes! ;-) Those were Justin’s request.

  23. Those donuts look amazing! I have a donut pan but I’ve never used it!

  24. Woah, that sweet potato hash sounds amazing! I think I may have to whip up one soon! ;)

    I would’ve eaten the whole stack.. o.o

    Your eats all looks delicious!

  25. Those donuts look ridiculously good….I want like ten. Right now. And some pancakes, too!

  26. I want those donuts!!!! :) I semi watched the game. It was hard to watch b/c we are such huge Petyon Manning fans!

  27. Mmmmmmmmm I need to make those quinoa bars!

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