My Thoughts on Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day friends! That also means we’re halfway through February already. Wow, does time fly!


Justin and I don’t have any big Valentine’s Day plans this year; although, we’re going to a friends’ house to celebrate a birthday their son’s 1st birthday. Not a typically V-Day celebration, but we’re looking forward to it nonetheless. We’ll be with each other and will be with our friends – can’t get better than that!

In fact, Valentine’s Day is a holiday that has changed for us over the years. When Justin and I first started dating, Valentine’s Day was a really big deal for us. I think it was just the fact that we were both newly in love and in our first serious relationship. The holiday was our designated time to show our love for one another – at least that’s what we thought at the time. We’d exchange gifts/cards, Justin would buy me roses and we’d spend time together by going to dinner or going somewhere special. This ritual went on for a number of years and when we got married, we decided there was no need to exchange gifts and I didn’t need flowers, so we’d just go out to a nice dinner.

Over the past several years, we haven’t been going out to dinner on Valentine’s Day – if we go, we’ll do it a few days before or after – our reason….because the restaurants are too crowded and they jack the prices up on the holiday. We sound like old fogies, don’t we!?! Ha!

You may think I sound like a Debbie Downer, right? I’m totally not trying to be. My point is that after almost 6 1/2 years of marriage, the novelty of Valentine’s Day has warn off. I like the sentiment of it, but we don’t need a specific day to celebrate our love for one another. I’m thankful and appreciative to have Justin in my life. The normal Friday nights when we go out to dinner, or stay at home and watch a movie, or sit on the couch by the fire, or are driving in the car together, or are sitting at the dinner table, or are taking a walk together, or a simple hug – those are the times that are most meaningful to me. We can do these things anytime; I certainly don’t need (or expect) a gift or flowers from Justin to show his love for me (and vice versa). I know it’s real – I feel it everyday. I don’t need or want anything special – being together and being happy is the only thing that matters.

Now, I don’t want you to take this post the wrong way, and I’m not saying there is anything wrong in celebrating Valentine’s Day if that’s what you enjoy, but I’m also reminding those of you who are in a relationship, don’t forget to celebrate your love for one another all year round. It’s the simple times together that I feel matter the most!

What are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day?
If you’re in a long-term relationship, have your feelings toward Valentine’s Day changed over the years?
Do you have any plans for tonight?

35 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Valentine’s Day

  1. I’m with you on this one — we should celebrate the ones we love on a regular basis and not just once a year. That being said, I do love the extra little bit of excitement (and chocolate!!) that comes with Valentine’s :)

    Hope you and Justin have a wonderful day, lovely <3

  2. I have been married for almost 8 years and I agree with you 100%. :-)

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  4. We have the EXACT same thoughts on this holiday. I like it…I do….but I don’t feel the need to do anything crazy! That’s what anniversaries are for ;) Have a great day<3

  5. It is so true that love should celebrated all year round. I love special holidays though. Haha. I think it’s all the themed decor and gifts that are around that gets me going. Although I don’t like teddy bears, chocolate is always nice.

  6. I definitely agree with you – Eric and I have only been together 2 1/2 years, but we don’t go all out for Valentine’s Day. We’ll be going out for dinner tomorrow night, but we’re actually spending time with family today.

  7. Considering I will be on the road up to Aspen tonight, and my boyfriend and I will be stopping somewhere for dinner, it will likely not be romantic ;) but I love the idea of the holiday reminding us to tell each other how much we value and love each other, even though it is a totally over-commercialized holiday. Enjoy the birthday party tonight!

  8. I think you aren’t a downer – you’re just recognizing that Valentine’s day is important is you don’t celebrate your love every day already!

  9. I agree with you. We should celebrate people we love throughout the year. I feel like it is more geniune when it’s not on a holiday in fact. But it is nice to celebrate Valentine’s Day with treats and chocolates (I’m not a flower girl)!

  10. I love the idea of Valentines Day but I’ve never really made a big deal about it. Although, I’d never turn my nose up at flowers or a date. :)

    My day is going to be fairly low key – I’m going to yoga tonight, then probably going to bed at 8pm. :( :)

  11. It’s funny, but I never put much stock in to valentines until I met my ex husband. He did some romantic stuff and I liked it. But we were married for almost a decade and it was really close to our wedding anniversary. So, for the last couple of years of our marriage, our valentines was bout having steak and lobster at home. No gifts. Just that and it was really perfect.

    I’m in a new relationship (but long distance) and I have to admit that getting flowers from him for the last three years on this day has been a treat and something that puts a smile on my face. I look forward to it. In a few years, I can definitely see us doing our own little thing to be together and not competing with all the love birds out there.

    Last year and this year (new tradition, I guess), I attend this gym called Vault where they put on a burlesque aerial show for valentines day. I loved it last year and I bought a ticket for this year. I go to a lot of their performances and can’t wait to get back in to it. So, next year when the boy and I are finally together, I will take him. Or maybe I will be in it!

  12. oh yes, could not agree more! it’s not about a day. And after 6 plus years of marriage, we are the same. Just being together works! well, and maybe some wine. ha

  13. Amen.. Although I am not in a relationship, the beauty of being in one would be to appreciate ALL the moments ALL the time and one day of significance is not enough- it should be common place. Love this post

  14. I think remembering to show that you love and care every day is very important!

  15. We don’t really do anything different on Valentines!! I would be happier with a card on a random day “just because” than a card today!!

  16. I’m with you on this. I don’t think all of the appreciation should just be compiled into one day. Every day affection should be shown. I love seeing all the love on Valentines day, and I have no problem with it, but it’s the small things that would count from day to day more often. :)

  17. I really like this, Holly! The novelty of Valentine’s Day has kind of worn off for us, too. That and my husband isn’t very romantic haha We agree though that we’d rather do more spontaneous, scattered out “specials” than try to go crazy on the predicted v-day each year :)

  18. To each his own! As you know, I am a huge V-Day lover. I’m not necessarily the most expressive person when it comes to love so having a day out of the year when it’s extremely acceptable to tell those you love that you love them helps me out ;) Plus I love to bake and let’s be honest, V-Day is really National Eat Sweet Food Day!

  19. I totally agree that Valentine’s Day just becomes really dumb if you will after you’re married. I think it’s more of a holiday for people who are dating and really want the approval and love of their boyfriend/girlfriend. But to me, getting married is a WAY bigger deal and more fun than getting a bear and chocolates and roses on Valentine’s day. So after you’ve had your fairy tale together, a holiday that the rest of the world celebrates at the same time becomes kind of dumb to me. It’s fun to have a little fun with the holiday, but for the most part it’s just silly to me as a married woman now!

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