Why I Learned to Love to Plank


Can I just complain for a moment!?! This has been the longest week in creation! I’m SO ready for it to be over and even more ready for the weekend. Just one more day to go!

So today, we’re talking planks. There was a time in my life that I just hated them – I mean I despised them. They were almost too challenging for me; thus, I had no desire whatsoever to even bother with them. Well, as my attitude toward exercise changed (I still need to write a post on that), and I realized how effective a plank can be, I starting incorporating them into my exercise routine more and more, and low and behold, I’ve come to love, okay maybe love is a strong word, I guess I should say I like doing them. Don’t get me wrong, I still find them challenging as heck, but I’ve come to crave that challenge these days, so I keep doing them.

PlankI came across this graphic on Pinterest a while back, and I was pleasantly surprised at how many muscles a plank works. It literally is a total body exercise – it works the shoulders, chest, abdominal and leg area. Pretty amazing, huh?!

At this point, I can really only hold a plank for about a minute or two. My shoulders (and upper body in general) tend to be on the weak side, so they seem to give out a lot quicker than the rest of my body. I’ve always want to try doing a plank challenge, but as much as I like doing them, the idea of holding a plank for 5 minutes seems like an eternity, and in full disclosure, I find it quite intimidating to say the least. Although, I’m loving those tips above to me through it and the slow build-up to 5 full minutes. I do need to give it a try though, as this may be that fitness challenge I’m looking for right now. It would certainly be quite the accomplishment!

The other thing I find appealing about planks is their versatility. There are so many different variations – walking plank, side plank, spiderman plank (my favorite!), plank jacks, reverse planks, plank with left lift, plank with row, etc. If you’re interested, check out Tina’s post for 22 different plank variations. I like exercises that work multiple muscle groups and ALL of these plank variations most definitely fit the bill on that one.

So there you have it…this is why planks are planktastic! Ha…I’m such a dork!

Happy planking! :-)

Do you like to plank?
Have you ever done a plank challenge?
What’s your favorite plank variation?

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55 thoughts on “Why I Learned to Love to Plank

  1. I do multiple planks everyday! They are my favorite exercise and I could not live without them, haha! I am the plank master and could hold one for days and days, but I love doing all the difficult variations and of course side planks too!

  2. Oh man, I remember the first time I did a plank – I thought I was going to die! haha And I probably held it for only a few seconds : ) I don’t mind them quite so much now but I still find them so challenging!!

  3. haha happy planking.

    Firstly, YES. Hurry up weekend. I too used to detest planking..okay I still do but that’s like any other fitness move which I detest- it’s because they are hard and effective!

  4. I actually posted a 5 minute plank challenge back in October.. I got to the 5 minute mark but literally didn’t want to do a plank for like a month after that I was so sick of it lol

  5. I love planking! Well, actually it’s more of a love-hate kinda thing but you know what I mean ;) And that infograph is so cool – it’s just a great strength exercise for our bodies.

  6. I really love planks – mostly because I HATE doing any other type of ab exercise. I like side planks with the “reach under thing.” Hahahaha.

    No, I’ve never done a challenge. I would, but my brain is incapable of remembering to do it

  7. You have such good plank form! I do like to incorporate planks into my workouts occasionally, though not as often as I should, and I think I’m still working on getting my form just right. I’ve started doing pilates again so hopefully soon enough, I’ll be planking more frequently and MAYBEEE even trying a challenge.

  8. You are way too cute-can I just complain for a minute? And seriously, you barely complained. Ha, you’re a champion and so sweet! You look like you have perfect planking form! I’m shaking and quivering after a minute. My longest plank was a little over 2 minutes and I’m still holding on to that like it’s gold… :)

  9. I love me some planktastic planks! Whenever a minute passes I feel like I’m gonna die….but they’re such an awesome whole body workout! I need to up my time–that’s for sure :)

  10. I’m kind of tempted to do that 30 days of plank schedule for March!

  11. Oh my gosh, I LOVE that muscle visualization graphic! I’m a big fan of the old plank too, but whew, 5 minutes by the end of that challenge? ooooofda! :)

  12. planks are definitely up there on the ‘love to hate’ list. I do them because they’re effective, but I don’t love them in the moment ;-)

  13. I love that graphic showing all the muscles used in a plank. Awesome! I also love this plank challenge. I love/hate planks too, but I think this challenge would help me to love them a little more….maybe. ;-)

  14. Try to alternate planks with push-ups… it’s a pita! You’d think the movement of the push-up would help negate the fact that you’re still planking, but it doesn’t!

  15. Oooo I love a good laid-out challenge! I don’t mind planks, but I find them a bit boring which is probably why I’m so tempted to throw in the towel earlier than I know I should. I can go for about 2 minutes before I really start feeling it because there’s nothing to distract me. Maybe I need to try planking with a book in front of me or something :lol:

  16. Before I got pregnant, I was up to a minute planking, I felt so accomplished! Definitely excited to build my time back up after this baby is born :)

  17. I’m with you! Planking used to be a major challenge for me as well. And let’s not even talk about my core weakness after having Thomas! It was one of my least favourite exercises, despite having worked out throughout pregnancy. Now that I’m teaching Attack, I’ve had to learn to power through, and even throw in many kind of plank variations (like foot lifts and stomps). It’s amazing how quickly your body can change and strengthen!
    Oh, but can someone pleeeease give that girl in the plank challenge graphic a serious lesson in proper plank form! I’m fearing for her back! Yikes!…let’s just insert/trade with your photo, as your form is perfection!

  18. I love planking actually, but I haven’t done them in so long! I”m so doing this challenge!

  19. I love planking! Well, more like I love to hate it haha! It’s tough but I love how effective it is!

  20. So freakingloveit!!!! I’m working on mine! Hoping to get to 5 minutes too

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  22. Love planks. I’ve found that when doing 3 minute + planks, I always need to be reading a magazine/blog/book to keep me entertained. I just don’t have the mindset to plank there in pure quietness.

  23. I just started planking and it is so hard! I can see how the more you do it, the easier it gets to do it longer. Thanks!

  24. I’ve just added planks to my daily routine after seeing that same graphic on Pinterest. So far at best I can do 30 seconds so 5 minutes sounds like F O R E V E R! But I’m reassured with the second graphic you shared, 30 Day Plank Challenge. I’ll get there eventually!

  25. I tried the plank challenge a few months back & never made it past 2:40. I still do them , but only a few times a week. This reminds me to step it up, so thanks! Over from SITS Sat.

  26. I definitely need to begin planking more.. I think I will participate in the challenge…Thanks for this post :)

  27. I love planks! It’s great for the abs but I think it’s more of the challenge to see how long I can hold it. I’ve joined many plank challenges and off and on with plank a day too :)

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