You may remember a few months ago, I ran a giveaway for a free race entry to a Reebok SPARTAN RACE – one of the toughest obstacle races in the world! Well a few weeks ago, I was contacted by the folks at Spartan Race, Inc. and they informed me that the creator and driving force behind the Spartan Races, Joe DeSena, is releasing a new book on May 13th (you can pre-order a copy HERE!).

Spartan Up Book CoverI was lucky enough to receive a synopsis of SPARTAN UP! and was thoroughly impressed with not only Joe’s candid style of writing, but his dedication and passion for these races and for life in general.  He’s motivating and inspiring, and his can-do attitude is so refreshing. SPARTAN UP! is more than just a guide to overcoming the Spartan obstacle race itself. It’s a guide to overcoming the obstacles of life.

In Joe’s own words:

“If you want to change your life you have to change your frame of reference.”

“Anyone can demand instant gratification…but if you can delay it, you might just get where you want to go.”

“Who says easier and faster is always better? Adversity paves the road to success.”

joe-trainingIn historical times, Spartans were often looked upon as superior beings in mind, body and spirit. So why can’t we be that way!?! Why can’t we be strong, not only physically, but mentally!?! Bottom line – the Spartan way of life has MUCH to offer!

You will learn to:

  1. Find the will to succeed: “The first half of a race you run with your legs; the second half you run with your mind. Turn your pain into an outboard motor to drive you forward.”
  2. Toss your cookies: “The Cookie Test can teach you how to overcome the need for immediate gratification and help you prosper in the long term.”
  3. Get Spartan fit: “Survival of the Fittest means training outside the gym for strength, endurance and flexibility for your entire body—and don’t forget those burpees!”
  4. Move mountains: “Whether metaphorical mountains or the ones on which Spartans race, what you think of as your limitations can actually be a mere starting point for transformation.”

Completing a Spartan race isn’t easy but then again, life isn’t easy – there are no free rides and there are no limitations unless we hold ourselves back and don’t put in the time and effort to push ourselves farther – physically, mentally and spiritually. SPARTAN UP! reminds all of us to work harder, to achieve more and most importantly, to NEVER GIVE UP no matter what obstacle you are facing.

After reading the synopsis, I am REALLY excited to read the entire book. I was highly engrossed in just the few pages that I read and now I want more! We can always benefit from some extra motivation and inspiration in all aspects of our lives, and I think SPARTAN UP! will do just that.

To pre-order your copy of SPARTAN UP! being released on May 13th, click HERE!

What are your thoughts on the Spartan way of life?
How do you push yourself to succeed?
How do you overcome obstacles in your daily life?

Disclaimer: Although I received a synopsis of the book I was not compensated in any way to give this review. All opinions are of my own. Reebok SPARTAN Race was kind enough to offer me a first edition of the book in exchange for my help in spreading the word of the book’s release.

11 thoughts on “SPARTAN UP!

  1. I’ve always wanted to do a race like this. :) So cool.

  2. i’ve done one race! it was a blast. and i was pooped! haha. Looks like a cool book

  3. My husband and I want to do one this year, but the schedule doesn’t match up with our training schedule milestones! He’s been wanting to for ages, but is just now getting on with his training! #SITSsharefest

  4. Great review! Love the words of Joe :)

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  6. I’ve heard so many awesome reviews regarding these races. One day I’ll give it a shot… one day :)

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