I LOVE Carbs


First and foremost, THANK YOU so much for all your kind words on yesterday’s post!!! It was a fabulous one-year blogiversary for EGBG and I’m SO glad you were there for the celebration!!!

Okay, okay…I know I’m a tad bit late joining in on the Spill it Sunday party, but Arman said it was okay, so I’m just going with it! Plus, I was pretty excited about the carb edition of this series, especially since I LOVE carbs. I mean…who doesn’t love carbs!?! They’re just so darn good and so easy to eat!

The Big Man's World

1. What is your all time favorite carbohydrate based food/dish?

Growing up in an Italian family, carbs was where it was at! Carbs based dishes at practically every meal was a norm for us; although, now a days that isn’t necessarily the case. That being said, there is NO way I can just pick one favorite, so I’ll pick three favorites instead. The first one is bread – any type of bread, I don’t discriminate, especially when it’s homemade! The second one is pasta – my all time favorite pasta based dish is lasagna, but I also love anything made with penne – hello penne vodka! And the final one is pizza – need I say more!

Carb Collage

2. What is your favorite fruit?

Oh gosh, this is another tough one! I love ALL fruit; however, I typically gravitate towards bananas, strawberries, pineapple and raspberries most often.

Fruit Collage3. What is your favorite grain?

Definitely oats! I go through bags and bags of oats. In fact, instead of just buying one bag at a time, I think I need to start stock piling. I literally use them for everything – savory and sweet dishes, messy oatmeal breakfast bowls, baking, oat flour, etc.

Oatmeal Breakfast4. What is your favorite starchy vegetable?

Now this is an easy one – definitely sweet potatoes! I LOVE them! They are not only delicious, but them can be used in so many different ways. I love their versatility! I like them roasted, baked, mashed, in soups, in smoothies and in baked goods. They also make a pretty darn tasty breakfast hash as well!

Hash35. Which carb receives unfair flack? Which carb is most overrated?

I think bread definitely receives unfair flack. All you hear anymore is how bad bread is for you and that you should stay away from it at all costs. Now granted, if you eat it everyday for every single meal, then yeah…that could be a problem; however, I’m all about balance and indulging every once in a while, so I for one have no plans whatsoever to completely eliminate bread from my diet.

I can’t think of any specific carbs that are overrated but then again, you may be asking the wrong person, seeing as I’m somewhat carb obsessed! ;-)

6. Link up a favorite carb embracing recipe (it can be your own or another bloggers!)

Hmmm…lets see…how about some Vegan Chocolate Cake! Bread and chocolate all wrapped into one – can’t get better than that!

Vegan Chocolate Cake27. What is YOUR perception of this macronutrient?

If it isn’t already obvious, I love them! ;-) I don’t necessarily see myself ever going on one of those low carb diets. I enjoy them too much. Life’s too short to eliminate such a delicious food from your diet, and besides I don’t think there is anything wrong with adding some to your daily eats and like I said, it’s all about balance and moderation.

8. What benefits do CARBS play in YOUR personal eating habits?

Carbs are the ultimate comfort food. They make me feel good, they settle my stomach when I’m sick and, this may sound weird, but they also have a nostalgic effect on me. I think that’s because I ate them so much growing up. When my grandmother was alive, she would make everything homemade and as a child, I would be in the kitchen helping her – homemade pizza, homemade bread, homemade pasta – all of those foods and all of those smells emanating from those foods (when I cook them now) remind me of her and all those special memories come flooding back.

What is your take on carbs?
What is your favorite grain?
What is your favorite carb based food/dish?

40 thoughts on “I LOVE Carbs

  1. gosh, after seeing the above photo of pizza, I could go for a slice (or 2..3…) right about now. Perhaps it would livin me up a bit because the 2 cups of coffee I’ve had so far today aren’t helping LOL

  2. Holly, you are invited to the party ANY time ;)

    True story- My mum’s best friend is Italian (Zio Franco) and every time he comes over for dinner, regardless of the meal (usually lasagna or another pasta based dish…my mum is clearly racist) we ALWAYS have a baguette or another bread because for him, it isn’t a meal without it!

  3. favorite carb based food would have to be pizza, I feel like I could eat pizza literally every day

  4. i looooooooove carbs too!!!! i love potatoes… all kinds! baked, sweet, mashed, twice baked, au grautin, roasted, etc etc!

  5. I love carbs too! A little too much haha! And completely agree with you oats are my favorite grain too!

  6. I have been completely addicted to pumpkin as my starchy vegetable lately – so yummy and filling. And random.

  7. All of your carbs are making my fat loading stage of the tape difficult! It’s interesting, but I actually eat way fewer carbs than I used to even as a runner – I think because having Celiac’s and having to be gluten-free meant my favorites were all of a sudden off-limits! Most of my carbs come in fruits and veggies!

  8. I’m absolutely with you on the carb love – they’re delicious. so why mess with a good thing?

  9. I love carbs too. I couldn’t get through my rigorous fitness routine without them. As with anything, it’s all about balance and eating them in the right portions with protein and healthy fats. My favorite carbs are definitely oats. Like you, I use them in everything!

  10. I love carbs. I can’t imagine giving up bread. But in recent months, I have reduced my intake because I felt like I was ballooning out! Ha ah I agree it’s all about balancing our diets!

  11. I loveeeeee carbs. Right now i am obsessed with bagels and peanut butter!

  12. Carbs are the love of my life. Not only do they give me energy and make me happy, but they do all sorts of wonderful things to my stomach as well. I tried the whole low-carb thing on a few occasions, and let’s just say it didn’t end well for me. I’m definitely with you on oats being the best grain, and to be honest, a warm bowl of oatmeal is probably my favourite carb based dish — it’s why I get out of bed in the morning, anyway :)

    • Low-carb diets definitely don’t work for me either. I crave them way too much, and yes, they definitely give me energy too. A yummy bowl of oatmeal is the perfect way to start the day!

  13. Carb queen right here! Favorites are: pizza, sweet potatoes and fresh bread to dip in soups and pair with cheese ;)

  14. Oh I’m with you on the love for carbs! They really are the ultimate comfort food. I always purchase my oats at Costco since I even go through there huge boxes quickly. Thanks for the reminder of that chocolate loaf, it looks so good!

  15. Carbs are always my comfort food!

  16. I personally am not a fan of carbs but seeing some of your photos sparks nostalgia!

  17. I love a good fresh homemade bread. Sooooo delicious, I’m such a fan of Italian food. :)
    Oats are always the winner, obviously. ;)
    Finally! Someone who shares my love for sweet potatoes! *high five*

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