WIAW #37 – Soft and Chewy Granola Bars


Good morning, good afternoon or good evening depending on what time you’re reading this! I’ve got an exciting recipe review for you today, but before we get started, I wanted to give Jenn a big shout out for hosting!

Remember a few weeks ago, I did THIS post on clean eating my way, which included eating less processed foods and making more homemade items?  Well, I’ve been fairly successful in doing just that. One of those items I’ve been making homemade instead of buying are granola bars. I love granola bars (you can check out a post I did ages ago where I profess my love for granola bars HERE)! They’re SO tasty and so convenient!

For my first ever attempt at making them homemade, I used Amanda’s recipe for Soft and Chewy Protein Granola Bars. I decided to start with these because the recipe seemed super simple and I had ALL the ingredients on hand already. Plus, the soft and chewy part of the title really caught my eye – I definitely prefer the soft and chewy texture over a crunchy granola bar by far.

granola-barsLow and behold, I loved them! They most certainly did not disappoint, and represent everything I love in a granola bar – soft and chewy, moist, filled with protein, gluten free, not overly sweet and they contain some chocolate. Perfection in one bite! Oh and lets not forget, they’re a carb lovers dream come true!

bars closeI’ve enjoyed these bars so much that I’ve made them about 3-4 times already. I typically whip up a batch over the weekend and bring them with me to work throughout the week to have as my morning snack.

FYI…with this batch of bars, the only thing I did differently was I used chocolate protein powder instead of vanilla, and that’s only because I ran out of the vanilla flavor. They still turned out delicious! And in case you were wondering, the type of protein powder I used was PlantFusion Protein Powder, which worked really well in these bars.

untitledBottom line, if you haven’t tried making these granola bars, you definitely must give them a go, so be sure and check out the recipe HERE! Oh and I give you fair warning, they are super addicting! I have been known to eat more than one in one day! ;-)

Have you ever tried making homemade granola bars?
Do you prefer a soft/chewy granola bar or a crunchy one?
What are your favorite granola bar add-ins?


45 thoughts on “WIAW #37 – Soft and Chewy Granola Bars

  1. Good evening (or bedtime rather!) indeed ;)

    I LOVE chewy granola bars and especially homemade ones which STAY TOGETHER. I’ve actually had my eye on spoons recipe! Favourite mix in is definitely nuts. LOTS of nuts.

  2. I saw when Amanda posted these, they looked so good! I think I totally need to make them ASAP!

  3. Joshua would be in heaven if I made these bars, and I’d probably score some major wife points! I’m thinking I need to get in the kitchen soon…. even though I am exhausted @ the moment LOL

  4. i love soft and chewy granola bars! i like a little dried fruit + chocolate mixed in! mmm!

  5. I have never made homemade granola bars, but these bars look delicious! mmmmm :-)

  6. These look great! I usually prefer soft ones.

  7. Wahoo! I’m glad you liked them :D And I’m also kind of loving the fact that you whipped up so many batches already — makes me feel less crazy for doing the same thing myself :lol: I’m a huge fan of making homemade granola bars, mostly because my allergies keep me from eating a lot of the ones that are available in stores. Well, that and they’re so easy and customizable that they’re basically begging to be made.

    Happy Wednesday, love! <3

    • You’re definitely not crazy for making so many! They’re just too good not to repeat the recipe over and over again! ;-) I have a feeling I’ll be making another batch this weekend!

  8. Yay! These are tasty! I love making my own granola bars, the only problem sometimes is transporting them when I am coaching all day. I need to take a lot to keep up my nutritional intake for my training, but they can be awkward to carry around. Love that you used protein powder in them :)

    • Yeah, I see what you mean. They could definitely get squished more easily if you’re just throwing them in your bag. Maybe you could put them in a container and they would hold up better.

  9. These granola bars sound amazing! You had me at soft and chewy!

  10. I made these for Eric to take to work for snacks…but I keep eating them ;-) they’re so good!

  11. Love that you made spoons’ recipe! I have had my eye on these and this was the perfect push to whip them up. I love oats for breakfast and for snacks!

  12. Thanks for sharing! I have all these ingredients at home :) . Looks I’ll be trying these this weekend as part of my Sunday prep.

  13. I have been wanting to make these, I’m glad to hear you liked them!

  14. I make these healthy banana bread granola bars for my boyfriend every week. He loves ’em! http://fitfulfocus.com/healthy-banana-bread-granola-bars-mmaz/

  15. Even though I’ve told you a while ago already it bears repeating: your idea of featuring another blogger’s recipe in detail is super sweet. I’m a lot more likely to try a recipe if it has gotten rave reviews by others aside from the original recipe creator. So while I’ve tried Amanda’s granola bars myself yet and know about their deliciousness I’m curious to see more of the recipes you’re trying.

  16. I am person who would much rather have a chewy granola bar rather than a boring old crunchy one! I love the texture more and I feel they hold way more flavor. :D

  17. Dried cranberries & dried cherries are my favorite way to add a little tart-ness to homemade bars! I love soft & chewy bars! I have to try this recipe! :)

  18. Chewy granola bars are my favorite! I’m not really a big fan of the crispy kind (even though I love regular granola!). These look great!

  19. I made those last week and added goji berries and dark chocolate…they were fab!!

  20. Love making my own protein bars so I control what’s in them. These look amazing!

  21. I love homemade bars granola! I prefer soft, but with a crisp… It simply amaaazzing! It is as much as possible chocolate shaving and nuts inside it is obligatory ;)

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