Totally Random Bits of Info #13


Today’s Totally Random Bits of Info is going to be SPRING themed today. Specifically, we’ll be talking about the 10 signs of springs arrival seeing as I’m just so darn excited that the nicer weather is here! As always, thanks to Amanda for hosting!

1. It’s raining…A LOT, but I’m not complaining because April showers bring May flowers!

2. The daffodils and some other flowers are starting to sprout!

daffodil3. I’ve pulled out of the depths of my closet my lighter weight, flowy tops and ankle pants and my opened toed heels!

4. I’ve been having cravings for lots of fruit lately!

Fruit Collage5. I hear the birds happily singing in the morning as I get ready for work!

6. There are some buds on the trees!

7. Taking walks outside is becoming more of a common occurrence, especially during my breaks at work!

Walk to the Park8. I’ve been enjoying cups of cool water with a slice of lemon as opposed to having hot tea!

9. I put up my Easter train on the mantle!

Easter Train10. I’ve put away my heavy winter coat and have FINALLY pulled out my lightweight jackets!

Any signs of spring in your area?
What has your weather been like?
Do your food cravings change as the weather gets warmer?

47 thoughts on “Totally Random Bits of Info #13

  1. Such a cute Easter mantle. Weather has been crazy here lately – hot, sandstorms & rain.

  2. I can say I happily ditched my winter coat too, but I am still wearing 2 sweatshirts!
    And I am glad you said you see the flowers beginning to appear…I was worried the winter killed them all forever, haha!

  3. The birds are chirping here and I love it! I always get up before the sun so I love knowing it’s just me and the birds it’s actually so relaxing! I also pulled my flip flops out! So excited to not have to pull on my heavy boots it’s liberating!

  4. Spring is finally here too, the last few days have been BEAUTIFUL! I am excited to be able to run in a sports bra again :) I am also craving fruits, and berry season is almost here! So excited! Love your Easter display :) Have a wonderful spring day!

  5. I was able to take out my bike to get to the gym yesterday – definitely a sign of spring to me! It’s been sunny and warm the last 4 days or so, which has been amazing after after the winter. The Easter display is so cute – I’ll have to get my Spring/Easter stuff out this weekend!

  6. uhhh itz been raining for two days straight here in st louis! #soreadyforspring

  7. You get rain?! Aww man! No fair! We had a little bit of snow yesterday :lol: Ridiculous. I can’t tell you how badly I want to be able to go outside without bundling up or to be able to open my windows and hear the birds sing. BUT! It IS getting brighter out earlier and staying brighter out later, which is making me do all sorts of happy dances!

  8. I’m wishing for some spring here too – and stat! Love all of your spring changes!

  9. Unfortunately I haven’t seen many signs of spring where I am yet. Soon though hopefully! I have heard the birds in the morning though so maybe some more signs will be coming soon.

  10. Hearing people talk about weather seems so crazy to me. I grew up in Idaho, where we had this thing called “4 seasons” (Californians have no idea what this means). Now, living in Idaho it’s been a constant spring, summer. I’m not sure I ever put my sandals, shorts, and t-shirts away over the “winter”. I miss the crisp mornings with snow on the ground – it makes you appreciate the whole sun shining thing ;)

  11. Loving the Easter train! :-)

    No luck with the warmer weather here. The temp seems to be the same as it was in December!

  12. I’m in WI this week helping my Mom recover from open heart surgery. There’s definitely no sign of spring here. It’s supposed to rain and snow today and tomorrow.

  13. I LOVE taking walks on my lunch! It is a great use of time and enables me to get some exercise in so that I do not have to after I am off work for the day and feeling lazy ;)

  14. I need to decorate for easter around here, cute decor! I hope for more outdoor walks soon! The weather is warmer, but now rainy every day ;p

    Happy Thursday!

  15. Cute Easter decor! I need that to brighten up this dreary day. We’ve had several thunderstorms in St. Louis this week. Where do you live?

  16. I love the rain. It was just raining here yesterday!
    Fruit cravings for the win!
    I always crave froyo and smoothies. :D

  17. SOOOO excited! It’s pretty dreary and cold here still, but at least there’s no snow. PROGRESS!

  18. currently craving pineapple and a lunch walk wit you! can we make that happen?

  19. The weather is finally nice here!! So nice to be able to walk to lunch and not freeze! Plus, warm weather is the perfect mood picker-upper!

  20. I’m right there with you and the fruit cravings! Is it weird that I also crave carrots and almonds?

  21. Hello! !
    Present the song Sakura from Japan.
    Blue sea and flowers: From Japan; Angela Aki “cherry color”

  22. I know I already commented but this post just makes me happy :)

  23. I’m so glad you’ve jumped on the fruit bandwagon with me. Lots of salads, too!!! Your Easter decorations are adorable. A friend and I are going to dye Easter eggs soon. I’m excited. :)

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