Hi friends! Sorry for my sudden absence from EGBG. Quite honestly, I’ve been distracted with life lately and I just haven’t been up to writing these days. I promise, this distraction is definitely a good thing and I’m hoping to share it with you early next month, but for now lets just say it’s keeping my mind preoccupied.

I’ve managed to keep up with all most of your posts despite the fact that I haven’t been commenting as regularly as I usually do, but as much as I love it, blogging writing, answering comments, blog reading and commenting, etc., has become somewhat overwhelming at the moment. My mind is elsewhere and that’s why I’ve needed to set EGBG on the back burner. I was putting a lot of pressure on myself in trying to keep up with the “real” world and the blog world; obviously the “real” world won that battle, BUT that doesn’t been EGBG will go silent forever. It just means that it’s going to be a bit more quiet than usual. I’ll likely pop in sporadically and post when I feel like it, instead of keeping my vigorous “I must post 5 days a week – no ifs, ands or buts” mentality. This will definitely help take the pressure off and allow me to focus on the many things that are going on in my real world right now.

I will continue to be active on social media and I’ve managed to check in on Twitter and Facebook over the past week or so. I even FINALLY managed to sign-up for Instagram! And, let me tell you, I’m kind of obsessed, which is certainly no surprise – I knew I would be! ;-) I’ve been having a blast posting pics and seeing what everyone else is up to! If you’re interested in following me, simply click HERE or click on the Instagram button to the right of this post!

With all that being said, that’s where I’ll end this post for now. Remember, you can always find me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or you can email me at eatgreatbegreat@yahoo.com. Certainly don’t be shy – I’d love to hear for you! As always, thanks for all your support and I’ll see ya when I see ya! ;-)

Have you ever needed a blogging break?
Are you totally obsessed with Instagram?
Do you sometimes find it difficult to juggle the real world and the blogging world?


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40 thoughts on “Distracted

  1. I have been terrible lately with my bloglovin’ and getting to read all my favourite blogs. Life is busy! I have to admit last night I just clicked “mark as read” for 221 posts. Now I feel like I have a fresh start with my blog catch-ups:)
    Umm..definitely obsessed with IG, it’s my favourite social media platform for sure!

  2. I haven’t needed one yet but I will be forcing myself to take one when I go on vacation in two weeks :) it just seems right!

  3. It’s good to take a blogging break every now and then — always makes you feel refreshed and motivated to write again. Glad to hear that whatever’s been distracting you has been a good thing, and hope you’re doing well! <3

  4. Glad you are back. I can seriously relate. Sometimes life gets complicated and l. Can’t write. So.Times l just get sick of myself and feel l ‘ll give everybody a break.

  5. Can’t wait to hear about your business! Taking time off isn’t a bad thing :) Enjoy it!

  6. I’m far too obsessed with IG. It’s a problem! haha I’m glad we finally connected on it though. We’ll be in touch via pictures. :)

  7. Oooooh – I’m intrigued by this soon-to-come announcement! Job? Little Holly? Eeeeh! I’m so pumped your on the ‘gram now too, BTW. It’s my favorite social media outlet!

  8. Blogging breaks are definitely needed from time to time, so definitely no worries about that! And Instagram is so, so addicting ;-)

  9. sending you lots of love ;) xoxo and instagram is def my favorite social media site!

  10. I’m so glad you got an instagram; it’s my favorite type of social media! Sometimes I think it’s good to take a blogging break. I had to take a long break whenever I was switching to self hosting. It was a good break, but I was so ready to come back!

  11. We all need a break sometimes and the ‘real’ world has to take priority!

    Sending you lots of smiles and love and look forward to your posts when they arrive! :-)

  12. No apologies necessary dear–enjoy your time off from blog world and I’ll be anxiously awaiting your posts :)

  13. We all need a little blog-break at times. While the blogosphere’s great, life’s too short to spend all your time on the computer. I’m looking forward to hearing all about what you’ve been spending your time on :)

  14. No worries at all, beautiful girl. It’s certainly hard to juggle real world and blog world, and in my eyes the real world should ALWAYS win if it has to come down to one or the other for a little while. And a nice break feels good sometimes. Enjoy, rejuvenate, and YAY for now being on Instagram! Lots of love!

  15. totally been there. I think it’s important to just let it go and come back when you can. Life first! yes!

  16. I think, breaks sometimes are necessary to all of us ;) I ceased to have the blog several times and as a result I couldn’t wait to share something! The blog is a tightening habit ;)

  17. Never apologise, Holly-Wood.

    Can’t wait to hear the news! I was stoked to see you finally on insta!!

  18. Breaks are always great to take! Looking forward to hearing the good news :-)

  19. I’ve been in the same situation, Holly! Completely understand :)
    Looking forward to reading about your exciting news soon.

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