First Trimester in Review


So…the first trimester…it wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t great either, but lets start at the beginning.

Warning: this is going to be a long one, so grab a cup of coffee and settle in! ;-)

Justin and I had been trying to get pregnant for a while and it ended up taking a little longer than expected. After many disappointing months, in February, as the date of my expected period started to get closer, I was feeling some less than usual symptoms – I was tired, very thirsty and nauseous. I thought I might be pregnant, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. After a few days, I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I decided to take a pregnancy test; although, I pretty much expected it to be negative just like all the others.

It was 6:30 in the morning, Justin was still asleep, so I decided to just do it. I stood there looking at the first pink line appear, then to my amazement, another pink line appeared. I WAS PREGNANT! My heart starting pounding out of my chest, I quickly left the bathroom and woke Justin up. I told him, I was pregnant – we both were in complete shock, but SO, SO HAPPY!

We didn’t tell our parents’ and siblings just yet – we wanted to confirm the pregnancy with a blood test AND low and behold, I was definitely pregnant! After the call from the doctor with the news, then we told our close family. It was definitely exciting news to tell! The rest of the family and our friends didn’t find out for a number of weeks late, as we wanted to get past that “dangerous” period.

Due to some past gynecological issues, I had a few ultrasounds earlier than people normally do. The doctor wanted to make sure all was okay and that the pregnancy was progressing as it should. AND, it was – the doctor said it was a “healthy pregnancy” – music to my ears!

It was at 6 weeks, that we learned we were having TWINS! Oh my goodness, we were shocked, excited and terrified all at the same time. I mean…not just one baby…TWO BABIES! Yikes! During this ultrasound, the doctor also noticed a rather large cyst on one of my ovaries – I learned though, that this cyst was not dangerous, but that it was providing essential hormones to support the pregnancy and that it would shrink in size in a few weeks. All that it meant was that it was give me some discomfort (which it did!) and I’d have to take it easy on exercise (first trimester pregnancy workout recap to come!). And, if you’re wondering, the cyst did shrink just as the doctor said it would.

The news of this pregnancy was literally one of the happiest moments of my life. I just can’t stop smiling and thinking about these two gorgeous babies that will be here before we know it.

The size of my stomach really fluctuated depending on the day, the time of day, how bloated I was, what I ate, etc.

First Trimester CollageNow to those lovely first trimester SYMPTOMS:

  • Extreme exhaustion – This was more than just a tired feeling because you didn’t sleep the night before. It was a total body fatigue. I’d take lots of naps when I could and be in bed and asleep very early in the evening, and let me tell you, getting up in the morning for work was no easy task no matter how early I went to bed the night before.
  • Cramps – In the very beginning I was getting quite a few cramps (like period cramps). The doctor told me that that was perfectly normal and it only lasted for several weeks. I associated it with growing pains seeing as everything was quickly beginning to grow and expand.
  • Morning sickness – This was more like all day sickness for me! I never actually vomited, but I was very nauseous all the time with very little relief.
  • Bloating – In the very beginning, I was SO bloated. It felt as if someone pumping my stomach up with air. As you can see in the those pictures above, my stomach was larger in the earlier weeks, then in some of the later ones. It was just the extreme bloating!
  • Food aversions – I couldn’t even look at some of the foods I used to eat and enjoy. Avocados, butternut squash and pretty much every other veggie was NOT appealing, as was chicken, and get this…for a number of weeks, I couldn’t even eat peanut butter (gasp!). Luckily, I’m over the peanut butter is gross stage! As for avocados and butternut squash, I still can’t do it, but recently, I’ve started to eat other veggies again. However, there was a short period of time where just about everything grossed me out, which would making eating very difficult. I would starting eating a meal, then quickly become turned off and it would end up in the garbage.
  • Aversions to smells – There were certainly smells that would literally make me gag. Specifically, at work when everyone was heating up there lunches, I wanted to die. Seriously it was horrible – no joke!
  • Heartburn – Again, this was all day, everyday. No matter what I ate, I had constant heartburn. Ginger tea, lots of mints and gum helped give me some relief.
  • Sour stomach – After I’d eat, my stomach would almost burn. It was as if I ate something really spicy, even though I didn’t. SO uncomfortable!
  • Headaches – I very rarely get headaches, but ever since I became pregnant, this has become a common occurrence. Apparently, it’s from all the pregnancy hormones.
  • Constant need to pee – Oh, this is so annoying! I’d have to (and still have to) go ALL the time, especially at night.
  • Bladder pressure – This is something that happened toward the end of my first trimester. I’d feel this constant pressure on my bladder like I’d have to go to the bathroom, but I really didn’t. I tested negative for an infection, so the doctor explained to me that it’s caused by the position of the uterus. It’s SO uncomfortable and still something I’ve been dealing with; although, it has eased up a bit in the last week.
  • Pregnancy brain – This is totally a real thing! I had (and still have) days where my brain just literally won’t work. I get tongue tied, I can’t think of certain words, I lose or misplace things, I forget things – it’s seriously so frustrating, especially for my Type A personality.
  • Swelling – Unfortunately for me, this started up already! It’s mostly in my legs, so I’m make a point to walk around during the work day as often as possible to get the blood circulating.
  • Thirsty – I am way more thirsty than I’ve ever been! I drink water (and coconut water) ALL the time and make sure to stay well hydrated.

Quite honestly, there were some days when I literally felt like crap, which is fine when I’m home and can easily lie down, but it’s much more difficult to rest and relax when you have to work. I had quite a few rough days and a few times had to go out to the car on my lunch hour and rest. BUT, I’d push through because I know it’ll all be WORTH IT in the end! And, now that I’m entering into my second trimester, I’m told a lot of those symptoms above should ease up (at least for now!).

Whew…that was long! If you made it to the end, thanks for sticking with me! Also, I’ll be posting weekly bump dates starting next week! :-)

For those mamas out there, did the size of your stomach fluctuate a lot in the beginning?
Pregnant or not, have you gone through phases where you just can’t eat certain foods that you once enjoyed?
What’s your for suggestion for the best natural remedy to cure an upset stomach?


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61 thoughts on “First Trimester in Review

  1. Any pregnancy post you share, I can already tell you will put the biggest smile on my face. I’m just still over the moon happy for you, Justin & your whole family. It’s funny you couldn’t stand nut butter in the beginning, as I’ve heard many many pregnant women can’t. I wonder why that is? :)

  2. Love the update. It doesn’t seem possible that you’re already looking back at your first trimester. Time flies!

  3. I can’t believe you are out of your first trimester already! haha I love this post and can’t wait for more! I hope your exhaustion gets a little better and you can stomach more of the foods you love!

  4. You must be so happy to be in your second trimester, Holly. Wow, so many weird/new bodily things all at once. You’re a rockstar for getting through it and keeping such a positive attitude :)

  5. Glad to hear that you survived first trimester! I can only imagine how surprised you and Justin must have been when you found out it was twins!

  6. Congrats! So very exciting! I’ve never been pregnant but I’ve been dealing with food aversions – specifically chicken – ever since I stopped being a vegetarian. Weird right? Hope you’re feeling better soon :)

  7. Yeah for the first trimester being over! I too experienced the all day nausea with some vomiting. So annoying! I would notice my stomach would be much bigger at the end of the day than in the mornings. All the food I ate contributed I’m sure :-) Water, all the time!

  8. YAY! lots of plain bagels, toast, and crackers! :) :) stay hydrated too!

  9. Aww, this post really makes me smile! You can tell how happy you are, even when you are talking about all the not so good aspects!

    You seem to be approaching everything in such a healthy way – just keep going as you are! :-)

  10. I couldn’t even imagine what it would feel like to think you were having one baby and find out you were going to have two. Just that much more love to go around :D And for upset stomachs, my favourite cures are usually teas. Ginger and fennel for bloating, and peppermint for heartburn. I find that stretching also really helps ease up those kind of symptoms.

  11. Aww, this is all so exciting!! I cannot believe you are having TWINS!! That is thrilling news, and be prepared for that belly to keep growing and growing, hehe. I am so excited to track your progress with you on the blog and especially to see photos of the little peanuts in a few months!! Eek!! Sending you so much love. Xoxo

  12. Holly!!! I know I’m so behind but HUGE congrats on being pregnant!!!! Two babes?!! You’re gonna be the bestest mommy ever!!!

  13. Oh my gosh the bloating! I sometimes think I look waaay more preggo than I am because my stupid stomach is so bloated and big! I was really nauseous too and never got sick but man does it suck. I’m feeling a lot better now with only a day of occasional nausea every now and then. I know what you mean about the exhaustion. I’m actually really tired in the morning and completely awake at night. I still go to bed at my pre-preg time but I cannot drag myself out of bed in the morning.

    Do you have many sleep issues? I haven’t slept through a full night since I found out I was pregnant. It stinks.

    And finally, one of my lovely co-workers decided to heat up fish for lunch! I seriously wanted to hunt this person down and scream at them! Grrrr! The worst part was they decided to eat at like 3pm so it wasn’t like anyone else’s lunch could cover up the smell!

    • Oh man, I totally feel your pain Brittany! The bloating is seriously unbelievable sometimes…I just want someone to pop me! Nope, not sleeping through the night. I wake up at least a couple times at night. It’s pretty annoying and then I have a lot of trouble getting back to sleep. Fish!?! I would seriously die from the smell!!! Just thinking about it right now is making my stomach turn!

  14. I’m expecting twins too!!! Due in July congrats for you!! I know it is a bit crazy at the beginning if you have any questions please let me know!!!

  15. Congratulations on twins!!! And on making it through your first trimester! :) I remember being so exhausted, with zero motivation, those first few months. It definitely gets better! And I, too, had persistent nausea. Preggy Pops and ginger helped ease that, at least some, for me.

  16. This was so fun to read! I’m excited that you’re going to share posts about your pregnancy :)

  17. Such an awesome recap! :) And aversions to avocado and peanut butter?? Ahh, that makes me afraid of what types of weird food aversions/cravings I will have when I am pregnant someday!

  18. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Where have I been!!! 1. Pregnant?!!!! 2. TWINS!!!!! 3. AAAHHH!!!! How exciting!!!! This was so fun to read and catch up on, so so happy for you, girl!! Wow what a blessing!

  19. Congrats on your pregnancy! I had two, and it was rough. As soon as something would quit hurting it turned to something else. My bladder was totally an issue…and my back!! Good luck. Glad I found your blog. :)


  20. I loved reading this.. I’m so glad everything is going smoothly!! I hope your symptoms ease up as you make your way into your 2nd trimester.

  21. Congrats on making it through!!! I don’t know what I would do if I developed an aversion to peanut butter…I shudder at the thought :)

    Looking forward to your weekly updates and pics! xoxo

  22. This is so exciting! I thought I was showing towards the end of my first trimester but now I am thinking it was just bloat. I popped out at 15 weeks and I LOVE my baby bump. I am so happy you are sharing you journey with us!

  23. How exciting!! I didn’t know pregnancy brain was a real thing but I laughed out loud when I read your description. Congrats on making it to round 2 ;)

  24. You look amazing… I’m so excited for you guys!
    As for your question [since I’m not pregnant and haven’t been], yes, I’ve definitely gone through phases with foods… most I can’t eat are ones that I ate as a kid TOO many times or in college.

    • Thanks so much Cori!! Yes, that’s definitely happened to me too! We used to get Thai food ALL the time, then both Justin and I got so sick of it that we haven’t ordered it again in over a year!

  25. This was so much fun to read and it really wasn’t that long either. I’m so happy that things are going well for you and that you have TWO healthy babies in there.

    The pressure on the bladder sounds so awful but I hope it gets easier to ignore or maybe your body will just get used to the feeling. At least you look amazing!! I love that your little belly is starting to show too. So cute!

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  27. It’s not a natural cure, but TUMS, TUMS and more TUMS!!!! I should have bought stock in that company while I was pregnant. I had horrible heartburn and I was anemic, so the iron supplements I had to take made the heartburn even worse. The extra calcium in the tums is good for you too! Plus, just keep remembering to eat. Empty stomachs can cause nausea.

  28. So, I typed the longest comment, and when I submitted, my laptop froze. Doesn’t seem to have posted :(
    Anyyyyway, I’ve been completely out to lunch with blogging/reading blogs over the past month or two and just trying to get caught up now, but I just wanted to say a huge congrats on your pregnancy!!! So exciting, Holly! I’m glad you are getting your appetite back and feeling okay. I know it’s tough some days! Looking forward to following your journey xo

    • Ugh, I hate when that happens!

      Thank you so much Kelly! We are so, so happy! And yes, it definitely is nice to have more good days than bad days now that I’m through that the first trimester!

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  31. Oh my goodness!! CONGRATS Holly!!!! This is SO SO Exciting!!! :)

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