WIAW #46 – Blueberry Muffins and Cookie Dough


It’s been a LONG time since I joined in on the WIAW party, so I’m excited to be back today. Thanks to Jenn for hosting!

Over the past several weeks, I tried a few new recipes from some of my favorite bloggers, so today I have not one but two recipe reviews for you. The first one is Healthy Blueberry Muffins from Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean. I just so happen to LOVE blueberry muffins. They’re by far my favorite, but they can be super unhealthy and fattening, so I will thrilled to discover this particular healthy version, and now that blueberry season is here, I have an excuse to make them.

Blueberry Muffins2First and foremost, this recipe is super simple and I typically have all the ingredients on hand, which makes them very convenient to whip up last minute. One of my favorite parts of these muffins is that not only do they taste delicious, but they’re very moist. I mean, one of the worse things is a dried out muffin, right!? Well, these are not at all that way. They just melt in your mouth. BUT, I’ll foreworn you, they’re quite addicting – like I may have had two or three in one sitting! ;-) Oh, and they’re also Justin approved!

Blueberry Muffins1 The second recipe comes from Linz @ Itz Linz. When she posted her recipe for Healthy Cookie Dough, I was more than excited seeing as cookie dough is one of those foods that I absolutely adore. When the recipe has cookie dough in the title, I’m all over it and this one certainly doesn’t disappoint. This recipe requires a minimal amount of ingredients and can be made in a matter of minutes.

Cookie Dough1Oh and did I mention that it tastes exactly like cookie dough, but without the guilt (and the raw eggs)!? Yay! You can top it off with any of your favorite toppings, but you can never go wrong with plain old chocolate chips. In fact, as I’m typing this up, I think when I get home, I need to whip myself up another batch of this stuff. It’s just that good!

Cookie Dough2Well, there you have it! So be sure and check out Lindsay’s and Linz’s recipes. You certainly will not be disappointed!

What’s your favorite type of muffin?
Are you a cookie dough fan?
Favorite cookie dough mix-ins?


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42 thoughts on “WIAW #46 – Blueberry Muffins and Cookie Dough

  1. Am I a cookie dough fan?! Holly, I thought we were better friends than that haha!

    I love adding chopped nuts to it! I also have bookmarked Linds’ recipe to make and now you’ve sparked the desire to whip em up!

  2. Ohhhh I love muffins but I’m always on the lookout for healthier versions–thanks for the review and I’m glad you enjoyed both of these!

  3. I do love Linz cookie dough recipe. It was actually one I used to eat all the time a little while back. Like you said, so simple :)

  4. Mmm…muffins. Chocolate chip muffins are my favourite, but blueberry is a close second ;-) and YES to cookie dough! Salmonella be damned, I’d rather eat the dough than the actual cookies whenever I make them.

  5. I’m a -huge- fan of cookie dough as long as it doesn’t include any eggs, so that recipe would be right up my alley :D And when it comes to muffins, chocolate chip will always hold the number one spot in my heart, but blueberry banana comes in a close second!

  6. Blueberry muffins are the BEST! Although Im a sucker for a good crumbled top muffin as well :)
    And I have a raw cookie dough recipe that I make as well. I eat probably half the batch the 1st day I make it, every single time lol

  7. I don’t think you can beat a muffin made with big, fresh blueberries, so good!

  8. Those blueberry muffins look amazingly delicious.

    Recently, I made muffins made of bananas, carrots, zuchini, and golden raisins.

    Not to brag, but they were to die for.

    And, cookie dough fan? Of course!

    I can think of quite a few toppings that would drastically reduce the health factor…lol :)

  9. Yum! I heated up two of my Power Muffins I had frozen yesterday, mashed them up, and poured a chocolate protein sauce on them! Kinda gross, but it tasted so good ;)

  10. I don’t know which sounds more addicting…the cook dough or the muffins! I’m such a sucker for anything with blueberries. I guess I’ll just have to make both!!

  11. Ohhhh cookie dough is the BEST! And I think a healthy version would be the perfect night time snack :)

  12. I love blueberry muffins too! Actually I love most muffins. Haha. I’m not that great at making them though. Maybe I’ll forward this to my mother as a hint, hint! :)

  13. Ahhh I love muffins and cookie dough. Both of these recipes look amazing, thanks!

  14. YUM! Both of these recipes look amazing!

  15. Blueberry muffins are my favorite too and I love it when they’re nice and moist. They look delicious!

  16. I hardly ever make blueberry muffins on my own, even though they are one of my favorites! I need to change that. I also happen to be super partial to chocolate chip muffins.. I like chocolate in the morning ;)

  17. I need to jump on the healthy cookie dough bandwagon!! Every time I see a picture it always looks fantastic!

  18. yay thanks girly!!!!! raw cookie dough was seriously what i craved most when pregnant!!!

  19. I am a LOVER of cookie dough. Mostly I have to eat vegan baked good do to food sensitivities but that just means mounds of worry-free raw dough. I’ll definitely be trying this recipe and checking back for more soon.

  20. The edible cookie dough out of a bowl looks soo drool-worthy! That’s always been my favorite way to eat cookies anyway, dough with a spoon!

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